It is said that raising colorful fairy fish needs certain cultivation skills. What is the cultivation of them?

Dear fish friends, I am an old fish farmer. I have more practical knowledge of ornamental fish breeding and breeding. Please pay attention to it. Let’s raise water and fish happily together!

we can even say that if we don’t buy the seven color fairy fish in our trusted fish friends or fish houses, we will not even pass the standard of selecting fish.

I remember that thirty years ago, the colorful fairy fish was also known as the multicolored fairy fish, because its original species and classification were four or five categories. Now, the colorful fairy fish can be called nine colors or even eighteen colors. Some unscrupulous businesses name them casually, which is a new variety of Qicai.

so, if we are not professional colorful players or enthusiasts, and want to buy one that is affordable, of good quality, or desirable among so many hybrid colorful varieties, the probability of being cheated will be extremely low and extremely low.

even if we don’t go to see the species, if we don’t select the right varieties, it’s almost difficult to feed those colorful fairy fish which have long been thin and have insufficient food supply.

but they can’t die in an instant. They’re half dead in the fish tank, and they don’t have the slightest state. They die slowly until the end. We can’t throw them away or raise them. We may not be able to cure them.

we can say that if we adjust the water quality of the colorful fairy fish to the best, then they will quickly adapt to the water environment and achieve the best hair color. This process is only a day or two.

However, if the water quality has not been well conditioned before, come on. Any problem may occur, such as poor appetite, enteritis, blackbody, food refusal, facial wall, excessive secretion of mucus on the body surface, severe blindfold, etc., all of which are not common problems of other ornamental fish. We can easily see these problems in the body of the colorful fairy fish, and they will continue to flourish forever

the key problem is that most of the water quality for raising the colorful fairy fish must be used in the water softener. The pH value should be adjusted and the TDS value should be detected.

I have seen this with my own eyes. The TDS value in the fish room is guaranteed to be within 200. What is the state of the new Qicai in the tank and what the state it will be after it is raised. However, there will be a big gap in the state of the colorful fish raised by ordinary fish friends using neutral water or hard water.

However, how many new fish friends will buy a water purifier for a few pieces of colorful fish they buy at random in the fish shop, or if they are mixed with other fish?

many old fish friends will remind new fish friends that we raise colorful fairy fish. Ordinary family color requires a white background into the tank. It’s better to wrap the tank on four sides, including two sides, one bottom and back. That’s why all my fish tanks are set in this way. I really wanted to raise colorful fish at the beginning, but it was too much trouble later.

of course, when the water quality and background environment are fully adjusted, most of the colorful fish can quickly stabilize their emotions, but this is only the first step for us to raise the colorful fairy fish.

in the future, because of the change of water quality, lighting, food problems, fighting and other phenomena, there will be a sudden surprise. These will depend on our own observation, which is also one of the advantages of raising colorful colors.

so, if you are raising colorful fry, generally, if it is less than 3 cm, it is generally used to artificially hatch the harvest shrimp or live fish insects, and there will be no other choice. This has brought obstacles to many new fish friends. Moreover, if you want to grow fast, you should not only ensure the feeding amount of more than five times a day, but also ensure a certain amount of water change.

although the specific quantity varies from person to person, it is determined by our time and energy. Generally, after half an hour of feeding, if you want to make small fry into big cakes and have a strong physique, you should keep up with the change of water quantity. Don’t forget the combination of water quality and water temperature. All these are the advantages of raising small fry.

with the gradual growth of small fish fry, this transition period is very fast. It also depends on the size of the lower body of the fry. Then, about three centimeters, it is necessary to make a beef heart hamburger or a fish and shrimp hamburger. There has always been controversy about this issue. However, if you want to make a rapid growth of small fish fry, it seems that the beef heart hamburger grows fastest in the high temperature environment, and the fish and shrimp hamburger is of course the same Yes, let’s do it. It’s better to make it yourself than to buy it?

there is also a regular quarantine and follow-up at any time. Due to the large number of fish in the fish room, it may come once in a few days or half a month. This also depends on the amount of food fed, the number of fry and different growth periods. What about our family rearing? To see all the above factors, as long as it is found that the state is not right, the drug should keep up with it in time.

come on, as soon as the medicine goes up, it will involve changing the water quantity, adjusting the dosage, even dividing and reversing the tanks. Don’t forget the water quality and water temperature. That is to say, a large amount of soft water and heating pipes should be followed at any time. All these extremely complicated problems are the cultivation of colorful fairy fish.

here, we have not talked about the so-called polyculture and the poor health of the colorful fish purchased by many fish friends, the problems they face, and the mating and breeding of the colorful fairy fish.

in fact, it’s not difficult. If all the conditions are met, plus our observation ability at any time, or the various conditions are slightly poor, as long as we pay attention to the selection of fish, it is not very difficult to ensure that they do not die and grow slowly.

if you like colorful fish, you can try it. If you finally develop a jar of old fish, as long as we can barely appreciate it, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, individuals have different requirements, and they may not have to pursue the ultimate.