It is very important to observe the appearance of the Rottweiler!

Rottweiler is a very excellent working dog, not only in the military and police are very famous, but also more and more popular with ordinary families. For those who are ready to buy Rowena dogs, they all hope that their selected Rowena dogs have excellent military and police dog quality. Therefore, before purchasing, they should first understand the general knowledge and selection skills of Rowena dogs, so as to avoid purchasing non purebred or unhealthy dogs. In order to select a good quality and healthy Rottweiler, it is necessary to observe and understand a lot of information, and to observe the appearance of the Rottweiler is a very important link, so as to preliminarily judge the population and health status of the Rottweiler.

1) overall appearance. The Rottweiler has a well proportioned body, compact skeleton, strong muscles, flexibility and endurance. The important proportion is that the body length from sternal plate point to ischial bone should not exceed 15% of shoulder height. The height of male Rottweiler is 61-69cm, while that of female is 56-63cm. The weight of excellent male and female Rottweiler is 43-59kg and 38-52kg respectively.

2) head features. The head of the Rottweiler is of medium length, the forehead is moderately arched, and the stop is clear. The upper and lower jaws of the Rottweiler are strong and wide, and the bite force is great. The ideal ratio of the skull to the snout is 3:2, the head is large, and the muzzle is strong and strong. The lip of the Rottweiler is black, tightly closed, the corners of the mouth are not obvious, and the gums are as black as possible. Rottweilers have moderate eye size, tight eyelids, moderately deep set, neither protruding nor retracting. A pair of apricot eyes are very romantic, bronze eyes are not ordinary dogs can have.

the ears of Rottweiler dogs are of medium size. The distance between the two ears is open, drooping, triangular, open and high. The inner edge of the ear is close to the head and the end is close to the middle of the cheek. When listening attentively, the ears are on the same plane with the top of the head, which makes the appearance of the head wider. The nose of Rottweiler is well developed, round and wide, with relatively large nostrils. The nose is black, and the base is wide and gradually shrinks to the nose tip.

3) foot features. Rottweiler’s forefoot is round and hind foot is slightly longer than forefoot, flesh toe is hard, claw is short and black, toe is protuberant, toe is strong, form arch shape, close and strong. There is a black pencil mark on the front of the toenails.

4) trunk characteristics. The trunk of the Rottweiler shows a strong, strong, strong and powerful feeling. Its neck is strong and powerful, the chest is deep and wide, the waist is straight, and the waist is inclined. The huge body highlights its majestic momentum.

5) limb characteristics. Rottweiler has strong limbs, straight forelimbs, not too close to each other, and has a strong and strong skeleton and developed muscles. The hind limbs show a sharp angle posture, which is strong and powerful.

6) gait. The gait of Rottweiler is symmetrical, coordinated, steady, powerful and unrestrained, with strong forward and backward extension, quick action, effective step and long span. The forelegs and hind legs neither swing outward nor inward, and the hind footprints touch the forefoot footprints. In trot, the forelegs and hindquarters coordinate with each other, the back remains stable and relatively immobile, and the legs tend to the midline under the body when the speed increases. The coat of Rottweiler is short and thick with luster. The upper coat is thick and the lower hair is capillary. The lower coat is gray, yellowish brown and black. The Rottweiler’s cheek, muzzle, throat, chest and legs, as well as the eyes and the base of the tail have obvious markings with bright brown color, black rust color to peach wood color, and the boundary between black and rust color is clear. The spot marks should be as follows:

there is a spot on each eye; there is a band on both sides of the cheek and the snout, but not on the bridge of the nose; there are triangular marks on both sides of the throat and the front chest; the front legs go down from the wrist to the toe; the inner side of the hind legs goes down to the front of the knee and widens to the front of the hind legs, from the knuckle to the toe, but not completely excluding the black behind the metatarsal; there are black fine lines under the tail and under the toe. The number and location of rust stain marks are the most important and should not exceed 10% of body color. The best coat color of Rottweiler is black, and the best color is tawny fur on limbs, face, chest and eyes.