It is very suitable for children to raise four kinds of superbody dogs, high appearance, lively and lovely

Many pets are very touching. They often act unintentionally, which can always attract people’s attention and are loved by many people. Today, zezemeng pet Jun will talk to you about the lovely pets all over the world and see what kind of pets you like.

Chihuahua is recognized as the smallest dog species in the world. It is usually less than 25 cm tall and weighs less than 2.7 kg. But Chihuahua has a personality! If you are very good at dog training, Chihuahua may be able to get along well with children and be very loyal and loyal to the Lord. But if Chihuahua is not properly trained, it can attack babies and strangers, or become very jealous. They need to exercise every day and are more likely to behave badly if they are held in their arms all the time.

Taiwan’s name is famaltes, and Hong Kong’s name is famer angel. It’s a beautiful toy dog with long white fur. They are lovely in appearance and gentle in character, and have been loved for centuries because of their natural charm. Features: black round eyes, black nose, rich expression, curly tail, long and silky coat, drooping ears, confident gait. Because of his character and beauty, he is often used as a treatment dog to comfort people’s hearts!

Yorkshire doesn’t like alone dogs very much. People who have raised them should know that when their owners are away, they will quietly shrink in their nests, will not run around, nor damage the furniture, but will quietly wait for their owners to come back. Although they sometimes play on their own, generally speaking, they like to stay with their hosts.

most of the small dogs are clingy to people, and Bomi is even more clingy. But now many pet owners are office workers, and they don’t have much time to accompany them, so many people prefer to keep dogs with better independence than Bomei. The Pomeranian is not stable, easy to get excited, and has a big temper. Once it gets excited or gets angry, it barks.

OK, we’ll be here today! If you like pets and cute animals, you can pay attention to me. You are welcome to leave a message to Ze zemeng pet king and share your experience in raising pets. See you tomorrow.