It turns out that “knit pants” can make my legs look long and straight

Today I would like to recommend to everyone the “relatives” of knitwear-knit trousers, which have their own warmth properties and wear a huge western style. I feel that spring is not complete without them~

Everyone knows that knitted fabric is very comfortable and soft, and it is delicate and skin-friendly.

In fact, both knitwear and knit trousers have this advantage.

This time I chose knit pants of different colors for the upper body demonstration. Different color combinations have different styles.

The dark gray knit trousers have a mature charm, and they match the black knit top perfectly!

The light-colored knit pants are more refreshing and eye-catching, and they feel very comfortable and durable.

This time I wore a pair of beige knit pants with warm attributes. I matched it with a black knit. The overall look was simple, distinct and high-end.