It’s autumn, my family often eat lotus root like this. It’s easy to do without frying or stewing. It’s sweet and moistening. It’s autumn dryness

Lotus root is a very popular food material, especially suitable for autumn and winter. It can be eaten raw or cooked. It is a food material with the same source of medicine and food. Its roots, roots, leaves, flowers and fruits are all treasure, which can be used as a tonic and medicine. It is especially helpful to female friends.

in August, lotus root began to be fresh on the market, and Xiao Qiao couldn’t wait to taste it. However, the lotus root is still relatively tender at this time. It is not enough flour and glutinous for stewing, and it is not easy to digest when it is fried, because the spleen and stomach are still weak after a summer. My family often eat lotus root like this. It’s easy to do without stir frying or stewing. It’s sweet and moistening, and it can drive away autumn dryness.

this method is simple and easy to digest and absorb. It is especially suitable for this season and can help relieve various throat discomfort caused by autumn dryness.

the effect of this is proved by Xiao Qiao himself. Therefore, in autumn, my family often eats lotus root like this. Even if there is no cough, it can help relieve the dryness in autumn and make the throat more comfortable.

I have jujube here, which can not only increase the sweet taste, but also enhance the effect of invigorating the spleen and blood. In addition to red dates, it can also be used with Sydney, lotus seeds, lilies, etc. The taste of lotus root itself is not prominent. It is suggested that some flavored ingredients can be used together.

jujube is soaked in light salt water for 15 minutes in advance to help soak out impurities in folds. Salt can speed up the separation of sediment in jujube. You can also add some flour cleaning, flour has the role of adsorption impurities.

lotus root peeled and nodule cut into small pieces, red jujube cut into several pieces, remove jujube stone. Here is the weight of two people. The ratio of lotus root to water is about 1:5. It is about 100g lotus root with 500ml water.

put all the ingredients into the wall breaking machine and add appropriate sugar according to your taste. I added 30 grams of rock sugar here. The sweetness of this amount of rock sugar is more appropriate, not particularly sweet. If you don’t like sweet food, you can not add it at all. Jujube and lotus root already have a certain degree of sweetness.

cool food also has its own flavor. In short, it’s good to drink whatever you like. Moist, with a natural sweet ingredients, a mouth down, the tongue satisfied, throat also feel comfortable, the whole person is very comfortable.

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