It’s better to eat mung bean soup in dog days! “Summer health first melon”, water whitening and appetizing

We must have felt the power of dog days these days. The hot and sunny weather makes it very difficult to travel. As the saying goes, “cold in three nine, hot in three volts”, hot unbearable, always feel loss of appetite?

dog days are a good time for health preservation. We should cherish them! It’s better to eat Luffa than to drink mung bean soup! It is known as “the first summer health care melon”, with a stir fry to replenish water, whiten and satisfy craving, follow ha Mei to see the specific cooking steps!

2. Wash Luffa, peel and cut into hob pieces, soak Auricularia auricula in warm water, cut bean curd into small pieces, soak in light salt water, cut carrot into diamond shape, cut ginger into shreds, and cut green onion into scallion.