“It’s hemorrhoids on the Internet. How can it be cancer?” The female model broke down and cried!

Because of timely treatment, the rectal tumor was found relatively early and could be surgically removed; moreover, the rectal tumor is about 10 cm away from the anus, and the operation can definitely keep the anus, so that she can still work and live as before after the operation.

Shen Zhong reminds us that early screening is very important. 80% – 90% of colorectal cancer occurs in the middle and lower part of the rectum. Most of the colorectal cancer can be detected in time after the suspicious symptoms are found.

in physical examination, do not give up digital rectal examination because of embarrassment. Although it is a simple examination method, it is very helpful for the detection of rectal cancer less than 6 cm below the lower end of the anus.

those who meet any two of the following criteria: chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, mucinous bloody stool, chronic appendicitis or appendicitis resection history, chronic cholecystitis or cholecystitis resection history, long-term mental depression, alarm signal.

general risk group: those without any of the above. It should be noted that the starting time and interval of screening are different for different patients, so we can communicate with the attending doctor. Focus