It’s more harmful than alcohol. The doctor hardly eats three kinds of meat. Please don’t always send it to your mouth

When it comes to health hazards, people often think of alcohol and tobacco. Indeed, tobacco and alcohol have a great impact on human health, and there has been a lot of criticism on the harm of tobacco and alcohol. So if you want to stay healthy and keep those diseases away from you, especially some terrible malignant tumors, it is the right choice to stay away from alcohol and tobacco. However, in addition to the harm of tobacco and alcohol, there are many common foods in our life, which are also the key factors of health hazards. Some of them are hidden deeply. People often regard them as delicious food and do not realize the danger. This is their terrible place, often eat these foods, the harm to the human body is no less than tobacco and alcohol, also can cause cancer. Sausage is a kind of food that every family likes to prepare on New Year’s day. Some people also like to eat it very much. Before the Chinese new year, they always have to prepare as many as 100 Jin of sausage for the whole winter. This is not only eating sausage, but also breeding toxins in the body. < / P > < p > why? Sausage is the representative of salted food. Pickled food is to mix meat and other foods, add a lot of salt and spices, and let the food ferment naturally. After successful pickling, the food often produces a special taste, and people who like to eat have no resistance to this taste. However, a large number of nitrite and other carcinogens are produced in the process of making pickled food. Although they are delicious, their toxicity is not small. Often eat pickled meat, the harm is no less than smoking. < p > < p > barbecue is also a kind of meat with unique flavor, however, this kind of meat can not be eaten more, it is better not to eat it. Many people like to eat barbecue, especially in summer. Their whole life is spent in barbecue and beer. < / P > < p > the surface of meat will be scorched or even burnt after being barbecued with charcoal fire, and many carcinogens are produced. If smoking is a carcinogen, eating barbecue means eating carcinogens directly into the stomach. The long-term accumulation of these carcinogens in the body can cause a variety of cancers such as rectal cancer. < / P > < p > fried food also accounts for the majority of processed meat, and many people like to eat fried meat. Over the years, everything is fastidious, so is eating. Fast food has become a popular way. In particular, some people like to eat fried chicken and hamburger, and the meat in these foods is processed by high-temperature frying. Therefore, doctors never eat these kinds of meat. For the sake of health, they should try not to take them into their mouths. In fact, protein supplement, there are many other meat can replace, taste the same delicious, is also very good for health, can completely replace these foods. < / P > < p > fish and shrimp are very good white meat. Eating fish and shrimp often can not only supplement the protein and other nutrients needed by the body, but also be good for the heart and brain. Chicken breast meat is also one of the best meats. It contains many nutrients such as nicotinic acid, but little fat. If it is prepared properly, it can not only enjoy the delicious food, but also avoid eating a lot of pathogenic substances. < / P > < p > many diseases seem to happen suddenly. In fact, they are closely related to our daily diet. If we don’t pay more attention and often eat some foods that are easy to cause diseases, the risk of disease will be greatly increased. CUISINE&HEALTH