It’s not expensive at all. These are high cost performance. Don’t be wrong.

We all know that the essence is a product of a series of highlights, less than a few hundred, expensive, but a large number of brands of skin care products, some of the ingredients and patent ingredients are common, such as L’OREAL’s boson ingredients, high-end series, there are also parity series. Therefore, there are also some valuable elements in the big ones, so long as they pick them right, they are all the essence of high cost performance series.

this black essence is also known as a cheap black bottle. Its main function is maintaining stability and promoting skin metabolism, as well as improving skin quality. The three functions are more suitable for some problems that our skin is facing now. But its application crowd is very limited, only with dry skin and light oil skin is not suitable for sensitive muscle sister. After the face will have a short dry feeling, but after the tap absorption, this feeling will immediately disappear. Skin touch can obviously feel the soft elastic, moist and smooth.

the texture of semi transparent egg white will feel a little dry when you first put it on your face, but it is easy to be absorbed. For example, Helena Lancome is owned by L’Oreal, so the ingredients and formula will not be too bad.

it is needless to say that its product line is not expensive, and it is not expensive at all for skin care products that are really suitable for you. The main function of this little red bottle essence is to resist the aging and delicate pores. We all know the essence of small bulb whitening, but in fact, the small red bottle is more comprehensive and effective. After the face of the skin naturally is needless to say, to the naked eye to see their own skin become more and more delicate, dry lines on the face will gradually reduce. The whole skin looks young and energetic.

it is slightly partial emulsion texture, but it is refreshing and not heavy. The strength of water is also good, can let our skin water Dangdang, follow-up make-up will not appear card powder situation. Of course, collocation with big red bottle cream will find that the whole skin will not feel dry in winter and become stable. There will be no frequent skin problems. The product of

series is also very good, the price performance is quite high, and Shiseido’s red kidney essence liquid is also a product in restoring and maintaining stability. It is mainly moisturizing and repairing effect? Many people say that he has no effect, because his skin condition is better, naturally there is no change. But if the skin is sensitive to a person, often red acne, continuous use for more than a month will find skin problems significantly reduced.

milky white liquid texture, very refreshing, but moisturizing strength is very high, more suitable for dry sensitive muscle. There is almost no greasy feeling when it is used, and it doesn’t select the skin type very much. Sensitive muscle sister can also try, but its ingredients contain a certain amount of alcohol, or to start with caution.

‘s comments on the poetry of the rich are actually numerous, but it is undeniable that his green tea milk and this little red bottle essence are indeed good, and are the essence of a high price performance ratio. Its main function is to resist aging and to brighten up the yellow. In fact, people feel that the effect of yellow lighting is more attractive to themselves. Because with the growth of age and some habits of staying up late, the skin is easy to appear dark and yellow. This small red bottle contains a certain amount of nicotinamide, which is very good for removing yellow and brightening. After using it, you will feel your skin clear and moist. And the whole face skin condition is also quite good.

it is a transparent essence of essence. It will not be greasy to absorb as a little green bottle essence. After wiping, there is a very fine layer of water, just like hydration. Absorption soon after absorption, the skin is very smooth and glossy, the immediate effect is pretty good.

actually a lot of big brands are doing very well, but to really choose the cream with higher personality ratio, we need to spend a little time to understand. To choose the essence of a skin problem that is really suitable for you. It is far more important than blindly buying all kinds of essences. 08/16/2020