“It’s not good for him to touch his stomach often!” Pregnant mother leads to “injury” of Taibao

Three laps left and three right are the real portraits of many pregnant mothers. In my spare time, I don’t want to do anything, just feel my stomach and communicate with the fetus. I don’t know. It’s not good to touch your stomach often.

when I went to the hospital for the labor inspection a few days ago, I sat in a chair and waited, and saw a pregnant mother touching her stomach all the time. How long it took to touch, not to stop, I was scared to see. After appearing from the clinic, I was frowning and unhappy. Pregnant women, very understanding her mood, so comfort her, relax heart, etc. And asked what happened to her, she said there was some sign of premature birth.

I asked her again: fetal treasure “hurt”, and the doctor mentioned it was related to touching the stomach. She asked me in a surprise, “how do you know, the doctor reminds me that often touching my stomach is not good for fetal treasure, which can induce premature birth.”

early pregnancy, that is, within 3 months of pregnancy. At first, she was a mother, and was very happy, but no longer happy, he could not move to touch her stomach. He scared the fetus to “run”. Because the fetal condition is unstable at this time, a little outside influence may cause risk to him. Therefore, touching the stomach is not necessary.

in the late pregnancy, you can’t touch your stomach. Because of the near pre delivery period, high frequency of abdominal touch will promote contractions, increase the risk of premature delivery. Therefore, for the sake of the fetus, touching the stomach is not necessary.

touching the stomach can cause the fetus to be excited. It is like that when mom Bao feels her stomach, she can feel “response”. If placenta previa has occurred, it can increase the risk if it causes the fetus to be over excited. Therefore, placenta previa, must be careful to touch the stomach.

in addition, when the fetal movement is frequent or there is signs of premature birth, frequent touching of the stomach will increase the stimulation to the fetus, making the instability more serious. Therefore, it is important to note that when there are these situations, do not touch your stomach frequently.

touch your stomach, and make sure to follow the correct method. You can start with the head and then from the back to the hip. The action should be gentle and slow, the best choice is awakening period, and observe the response of fetal treasure. If the more he feels, the quieter he is, then this method is better. If the more touching, the more frequent fetal movements, then it is better not to touch again. In addition, in the late pregnancy, near the pre delivery period, the touch can be from the bottom up, to avoid increasing pressure on the uterus.

it is good for Baoma to feel the baby treasure, but it is not a good thing. Because often touch the stomach, there will be certain harm, especially when the pre delivery period, more irrational. Therefore, for the sake of the fetus, Baoma must know how to restrain. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!