It’s not just a matter of money for bear kids to reward their mobile phones

Recently, Ms. Wang, a Chongqing citizen, spent 200 yuan on shopping. After a short message from the bank, she found that the bank account balance was only 3000 yuan, while the bank card should have been more than 40000 yuan. Later, the local police station found out that it was Ms. Wang’s 10-year-old daughter who secretly transferred more than 37000 yuan from her parents’ card through wechat transfer, so as to recharge a game of Guangdong Huantai Technology Co., Ltd. in case of parents’ discovery, the bank’s SMS was deleted after each transfer.

can bear children reward and spend money with their mobile phones? The frequency of such events almost reached the level of “phenomenon”. Social concerns have been promptly responded to: the Supreme People’s Court issued a clear statement in May this year that a person with limited capacity for civil conduct expends funds incompatible with his age and intelligence without the consent of his guardian, and the court shall support the request of the guardian to return the money.

so far, the trouble seems to have been solved. But I would like to raise two questions: first, with the judicial interpretation, “money” can be at ease? Second, is it just about money? How to solve problems other than money? If the child is over 888 years old, he has no civil capacity. This is the basic system of civil law, and the above is the embodiment of legislative spirit. In spite of such regulations, if a child pays for his mobile phone, the risk for his parents is not small: first, it only specifies the expenses in some ways, such as online paid games or online live broadcast platform “reward”, and whether other types of consumption are compatible with the child’s age and intelligence? It still needs to be confirmed concretely; secondly, if the child encounters illegal and criminal acts such as network fraud, it is more difficult to recover the money; even if everything goes well, the court confirms that the other party refunds money, at least parents have to pay the cost of time and energy.

besides “money”, there are more problems worthy of reflection. “It’s the father’s fault to raise or not to teach”. For parents, guardianship responsibility is not as simple as “feeding”, it includes support, education and protection. For today’s children, developing a good consumption concept is undoubtedly an important part of education. If it is understandable to give the mobile phone to children for a while, but the adult’s mobile phone bank password, payment password and other information are also closely shared with children, that is, the responsibility of guardianship is not in place.

at present, the addiction of minors to playing with mobile phones has aroused widespread concern. Most primary and secondary schools have issued regulations to restrict them. Some local governments also include students’ eyesight into the education evaluation index. If there are rules to follow on campus, families are becoming more and more a blind area for regulation and supervision. In this regard, we expect the guardians to take the responsibility of family education. We also call on relevant parties to strengthen the publicity and education of the rule of law in families and communities. At the same time, we should actively carry out research and issue relevant normative documents when conditions are ripe, so as to realize the “no dead corner care” for children in the mobile age. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore