It’s not just a way to get rid of mites at home. A lazy method may be better

From kindergarten, the teacher told us to wash our hands frequently and pay attention to hygiene, saying that bacteria are around us and there will be all kinds of bacteria in our life. If you do not pay attention to hygiene, it is very likely to get sick, stomachache, there will be small insects biting our body, affecting our health. < p > < p > mites in nature are a large family with various classifications. The main mites closely related to our skin are follicular mites and dust mites. Interestingly, although the two have a high penetration rate, they are often confused. Next, I’ll sort out the ideas for you. As the name implies, Demodex folliculorum parasitizes in the hair follicle, and the sebaceous Demodex parasitizes in the sebaceous gland. They are collectively referred to as “follicular worms”. Of course, as parasites, they cannot survive without their environment. In 1842, gsimon published a paper in Berlin, which described in detail the parasite found in human facial hair follicles, and called it Sebastiscus folliculorum. In 1988, China hosted the International Symposium on Demodex for the first time, and exchanged views on its elimination methods. Mites are invisible creatures and the most harmful species next to flies. They exist in all aspects of our lives, such as bedding, bedding and clothing. Sometimes, we have a lot of mites on our faces. Although it is relatively small, it will bring great harm to human body. < / P > < p > 1) greasy skin and large pores; 2) blackhead; 3) acne; 4) acne; 5) rough skin; 6) skin flushing; 7) red nose; 8) skin abscess; 9) back acne; 10) hair follicle red; scalp oil; always eye dropsy, visual fatigue. At the same time, there are still a lot of scurf left on the bed, which provides abundant food for mites. Therefore, the bed is the most serious area of mite infestation. < / P > < p > don’t think that the clothes in the wardrobe are clean, so there will be no mites, because it is difficult to clean them in time, and it is easy to have sanitary dead spots. These dead corners are the places where mites breed. < / P > < p > natural formula is safe and healthy. There is a kind of “plant acaricide” in the anti mite bag, which emits the fragrance that mites like. This kind of fragrance is harmless to human beings, but it has a great temptation to mites. Mites within five meters will rush to “smell the fragrance”. Men, women, old and young will crawl towards the mite removal bag in groups… < / P > < p > take a picture with a magnifying glass. On that day, it was the corpse of the mite Body scattered all over the ground ~ how miserable! It can not only control indoor mites, but also directly contact human body and pet body surface to control mites! The air conditioner is also one of the places with the most mites. Soak the mites in the water, put them in the spray bottle, open the air conditioner cover and spray them on the top of the filter screen which is easy to breed mites, so as to make the air conditioner mites inactive. < / P > < p > it can also be used as mosquito repellent toilet water. The lemon leaf in the mite bag and citronella ingredients can relieve inflammation and relieve itching. The hands that can spray water can reduce inflammation and relieve itching. After a while, you will find that sleeping becomes very comfortable, the body will not itch inexplicably, the acne on the face also begins to disappear, and the itchy erythema disappears. < / P > < p > the mite removal bag is widely used. It can be placed in bed sheets, mattresses, sofas and other places. It can be used to kill mites, kill insects, inhibit mites, and prevent mites from returning! CUISINE&HEALTH