It’s not superstitious to have two “good days and auspicious months” in a year, and doctors also agree

In the former feudal times, the eight characters of a person’s birthday were very important, which determined the future, marriage and fate. With the change of the times, now only some people or the elderly pay attention to the time of birth, and others think it is superstition. < / P > < p > but about the birth time of a child, it’s not all superstition. It’s just that it’s not so exaggerated and can affect the whole life. In fact, there are “good days and auspicious months” for giving birth. Children born in these two months have more advantages in intellectual development. < p > < p > after five hours of hard work, Ruirui welcomed her baby and became a novice Baoma. Because Ruirui was obedient during pregnancy, her fetus developed very well. < / P > < p > the nurse holds the packed newborn to Ruirui. Ruirui looks at the sleeping baby and can’t put it down. At this time, her mother-in-law comes in with a happy face. She wants to touch the baby, but she doesn’t dare to touch it. She stares at it all the time, and says, “October is a good day, and the baby is blessed at this time.”. < p > < p > on hearing this, Ruirui was very happy, but she couldn’t help saying to her mother-in-law, don’t be superstitious. What a good day! Unexpectedly, the doctor who made the rounds just heard it and recognized that the old man was right. < / P > < p > doctors said: in a year, September and October are good days and auspicious months. Children born in these two months are blessed and have more advantages in intellectual development. < / P > < p > foreign scientists have conducted a survey on 4500 freshmen in Colleges and universities, and found that the enrollment rate of students born in late autumn and early winter is 1.6 times higher than that of children born in spring and summer. < / P > < p > the child born in September and October is pregnant at the beginning of the year. March is just April and may when spring is warm and flowers are blooming. It’s the season for everything to recover. The weather is just right. If it’s neither hot nor cold, the pregnant mother’s mood will be much better. < / P > < p > and there are many kinds of vegetables and fruits during this period. Pregnant mothers can get more nutrients. In this case, the child’s brain development will naturally have an advantage, and the intelligence will be better in the future. < / P > < p > for this situation, many parents are very annoying. They always hope that their children can go to school one year earlier, but in fact, there is no advantage in going to school one year earlier. In the class, older students learn better than younger students. < / P > < p > age is not just a matter of numbers but not development. As long as a child is one year old, whether it is physical or brain development, it will be one year more. At this time, if he studies one year at night, his self-care ability and understanding ability in learning will be better, and he will naturally be more intelligent. < / P > < p > September and October are in autumn, when the temperature is relatively comfortable, not as hot as summer, but not as cold as winter. It’s just suitable for Baoma to sit in the confinement, which can not only make Baoma in a good mood, but also more conducive to recovery, especially for pregnant women who have caesarean section. < / P > < p > in about one week after delivery, Baoma should get out of bed and walk every day, and in about two weeks, she can have some outdoor activities. September and October are very good recovery time. < / P > < p > although it’s a bit cool in the morning and evening, it’s very warm near noon, which is very suitable for Baoma to relax, and the sun also promotes the body’s absorption of calcium. < / P > < p > because it’s the autumn harvest season, there are many kinds of vegetables and fruits, and it’s the most healthy and nutritious period, so it’s very suitable for Baoma to make a baby meal. < / P > < p > honey mother’s heart: it’s a blessing for Baoma and her child to be born in good time and auspicious month. We should be thankful, but don’t be disappointed if we don’t catch up. After all, there are many factors that affect the child’s intelligence and Baoma’s physical recovery, which is just one of them. I hope Baoma can focus on something useful, and don’t do nothing to make the child born in September or October It’s better to let nature take its course. 20