It’s not too late to know that adding one thing to rose tea has many advantages

Rose Tea belongs to the same source of medicine and food. It is the “Queen of flowers” for nourishing blood and regulating menstruation, and the “holy product” for women to regulate their body. The appearance of rose tea soaking in water is just a woman’s life. It has blossomed like a flower, with delicate taste, light fragrance and health preservation effect comparable to that of bird’s nest. Therefore, rose tea knows women best, and women should often be accompanied by rose tea!

the most valuable place of rose is its essential oil. Therefore, the rose essential oil on the market is more expensive than the same gold price. It costs hundreds of yuan to buy a few grams of rose essential oil. Therefore, we should not be careless when choosing rose tea. Only by choosing rose tea rich in rose oil can we really play its health care function of beauty, beauty, menstruation, blood and skin moistening Effect.

3 G longan, 6 medlar seeds and 2 roses. Pour boiling water at 80 ℃ for about 10 minutes. Efficacy and function: longan, medlar and rose are mixed together to cook, full of anthocyanins, full of vitamins, in Yiqi Huoxue, nourishing yin and tranquilizing effect will be very significant. This tea can effectively improve the complexion, dark skin of women, at the same time on myocardial ischemia can have conditioning effect.

there are 3 big red dates and 3 roses in the same bubble. Efficacy: it can replenish skin moisture, iron and blood. It can not only make skin more smooth and delicate, but also improve the endocrine status of human body.

brown sugar has the effect of nourishing blood. Usually, when drinking rose tea, an appropriate amount of brown sugar can be added to adjust the delicate taste. Efficacy: it can improve women’s Qi and blood and constitution, expel cold and warm the palace, improve anemia, dysmenorrhea, hyperplasia of mammary glands, and nourish from the inside to the outside, which can not only effectively improve the constitution, but also make the skin color and luster new. From the point of view of beauty and health care, the effect of combining brown sugar and rose is worth affirming, and it can improve the physique from the inside to the outside.