“It’s so painful that you don’t even have the strength to die!” How painful is cancer? The person concerned is qualified to say

“I am a patient with advanced cancer. When it comes to cancer pain, I have profound feelings. In fact, at the beginning of cancer, the pain is tolerable, and the interval between attacks is relatively long; but with the development of the disease, the pain attacks become more and more frequent, from once a week to once every three days, once every two days, and finally every day, and the pain is becoming more and more intense, in addition to persistent pain, there is also explosive pain.

persistent pain is so grinding that it can make you feel miserable all day long; however, breaking out of pain can make you feel like having a baby, crying, crying and dying. After giving birth to a child, it doesn’t hurt, but I don’t know how long it will take for me to get into the ice pit.

although pain can be injected when it hurts, painkillers also have side effects, and even if the pain is stopped temporarily, my fear and injury will not disappear. I think cancer is the most painful disease in the world! It allows a healthy person to watch himself slowly decay, stink, severe pain, and finally die like a decadent. I’ve seen too many patients leave. Sometimes I hope I can get over it. But when it really hurts, you don’t even have the strength to die. It’s really hopeless. ”

in fact, cancer pain is a process that cancer patients must go through, and with the aggravation of the disease, the pain will be strengthened, thus closely affecting the patient’s diet, sleep, activity, and even shorten the patient’s survival period. Many patients can not survive this pass, have sought euthanasia, hoping to get relief. According to the data from China cancer report, China’s annual incidence of cancer is increasing. It can increase by nearly 4 million cases a year, and about 25% of cancer patients have pain. Especially in the late cancer patients, the incidence rate of pain is 61.6%, and the number of cancer patients in China is nearly about 2600000.

if cancer is not treated in time, the cancer cells will continue to metastasize and spread. When the cancer grows to a certain extent, it will invade, oppress and destroy the surrounding normal tissues, including periosteum, pleura and nerves, thus causing cancer pain in various parts. In addition, tumor ulceration, infection, can also cause cancer pain.

some patients may have radiation neuritis, radiation osteonecrosis, stomatitis, dermatitis, etc. after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which may lead to severe cancer pain.

generally speaking, non opioid analgesics can be considered for patients with mild cancer pain, weak opioid analgesics can be considered for moderate cancer pain, and strong opioid analgesics can be considered for severe cancer pain.

some people are worried that opioids will become addicted once they are used, and they dare not use them. However, Professor Zhang Zhang, chief physician of the cancer prevention and control center of Sun Yat sen University, said: most drugs, if they want to be addicted, need to reach a very high blood concentration in an instant. However, the opioids used in our clinic are mainly slow-release and controlled-release formulations, and the addiction rate is extremely low, less than 0.01% or even 0.001%. It is possible that some patients may develop physical dependence after long-term use, and withdrawal syndrome may occur after drug withdrawal. However, this does not affect the normal use of drugs, nor is it a manifestation of addiction. It can be relieved after gradually reducing the dosage of drugs.

in a word, the basic principle of using drugs is to make individual treatment plans based on professional awareness and specific conditions. It should be emphasized that you must not increase or stop using painkillers without authorization, which is very harmful to the condition.

other treatment methods for cancer pain: psychological stop cancer pain, find a way to divert patients’ attention to pain, listen to songs, read books and so on, so that patients can find things they like and have a place to repose; massage to stop cancer pain, properly press the pain area, also has certain help to relieve cancer pain; physical cancer pain, that is, temperature stimulation, more cold compress By numbing the pain area, the pain is alleviated.

cancer pain is chronic pain, so it often accompanies patients for a long time. Therefore, cancer patients should have psychological preparation and treat cancer pain as a “chronic disease” from my management.

among them, family members play a very important role. They should not only keep close communication with medical staff and patients, but also timely inform doctors of patients’ feedback, so that doctors can timely adjust the treatment plan and better help patients; at the same time, family members should also remind and supervise patients to take painkillers according to the dosage on time and master the correct route of administration.

when the patient has a burst of pain, the family members can help the patient relieve the pain by cold compress, hot compress, massage, relaxation, psychological support and other non drug therapies; at ordinary times, they should provide a comfortable sleep environment for the patients, pay attention to the diet matching, and formulate rehabilitation plans.

of course, patients should also try to adjust their negative emotions. They should not abandon themselves and fall into despair after the occurrence of cancer. They should actively cooperate with doctors and face up to it bravely. If you can, you can also actively participate in various community activities, and strive to do something within your ability for the family and society, so that the joy of participation and dedication can solve the body pain.

in the final analysis, cancer pain is a kind of pain that others can’t feel. It’s more considerate than a single dose of painkiller. However, we can not ignore the side effects of painkillers. How to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and make them live with more dignity needs more thinking and action.

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