It’s too difficult to choose 9 pieces of natural paradise “beautiful skin bottle” to become the new favorite of skin care

What are the most popular beauty products in 2020? The answer may be many, but it must be classified into skin care products. Ingredient skin care products have been widely known since their appearance in 2019. For example, “nicotinamide” whitening and yellow, morning C, late a and other skin rejuvenation have been repeatedly recommended by beauty experts in the little red book.

However, although ingredient skin care is good, it is not suitable for all people’s skin. Many skin care Xiaobai don’t know how to choose the suitable composition skin care products. In South Korea, the demand for delicacy and customization of consumer skin care is gradually increasing, and this trend is also very obvious in the Chinese market. Therefore, nature park complies with the current trend of customized skin care, and introduces 9 sets of “beautiful skin ampoules”, and puts forward appropriate skin care programs according to different skin conditions of individuals every day.

the “beautiful skin ampoule” contains nine ampoules with different main ingredients, which are the most popular skin care ingredients on the market at present, including nine effective ingredients such as minerals, Noni, tea tree, collagen, aha, ceramide, adenosine, vitamin E and Panthenol. Consumers can choose products with different effects according to their skin condition. In addition, “beautiful skin ampoule” has been tested and verified by professional skin care team for many times, and the skin irritation test has been completed. With the most mild and effective formula, consumers can feel at ease to use it, and they can achieve the nursing feeling of beauty salon level at home.

ampoule is not the traditional skin care essence. Ampoule is originally English for essence, and it is a completely non preservative product with aseptic vacuum packaging. Because of the high concentration of active ingredients, the effective factor for skin is almost 12 to 13 times of that of night cream or nutrition cream. It can make the skin reach the best state in the shortest time. It can be said that it is the “first-aid station” of skin, and become the necessary intensive care products before star red carpet.

skin care experts in nature park said that taking the most representative “mineral” ampoule in the “beautiful skin” 9-piece set as an example, it contains 75% sea water, mineral ingredients, xylitol compound ingredients and other moisturizing materials, which can replenish moisture for dry skin and give the skin a tender, smooth and delicate moisturizing feeling. It is a water replenishing ampoule to create a moisturizing and beautiful skin.

the efficacy of other products also has its own emphasis. “Noli” can provide rich nutrition for flabby skin and rejuvenate the skin; “tea tree” contains tea leaf essential oil and pore care compound ingredients, which helps to cool and astringe pores and regulate sebum; “collagen” can enhance skin elasticity and effectively improve facial wrinkles; “fruit acid” can remove skin horniness and maintain skin luster; “ceramide” has the advantages of refreshing and astringent pores and regulating sebum; “collagen” can enhance skin elasticity and effectively improve facial wrinkles; “fruit acid” can remove skin horniness and maintain skin luster; “ceramide” has Super water replenishing ability, can care for cuticle, form a layer of water locking and moisturizing film on the skin surface; “Centella asiatica” can relieve skin allergy, tingling and other problems, has anti-inflammatory effect, and is very friendly to sensitive muscles; “vitamin E” is composed of vitamin E and plant essential oil components, which has brightening effect and helps to form natural water light muscle; “panthenol” can care for cuticle and play a role of anti-inflammatory To 24 hours of high-efficiency moisturizing effect, is special for dry skin.

a 9-piece set of customized nature park “beautiful skin bottle” is created for different skin conditions every day.

the 9-piece set of “beautiful skin bottle” is designed according to different ingredients, which is very popular in appearance. With its listing, I believe that many beauty experts will come up with a variety of use strategies. Nature park’s skin care experts suggest: if it is a mixed skin, the surface of the skin is smooth, but the internal dry “oily water shortage” skin, you can first thin coated with “minerals” to supplement water, and then use “Noli” to wake up the vitality of the skin to create a smooth and moist skin. In addition, if there are skin problems such as relaxation and dullness, it is most suitable to use “collagen” with anti wrinkle effect and “vitamin E” with brightening effect.

it is understood that the series of “beautiful skin ampoules” will be launched in September. In addition, in order to make more Chinese mainland consumers experience high-quality products ahead of time, the natural paradise also held a special event on the market. On August 1st ~9 15, the shopping mall of China’s mainland branch will hold a summer holiday gift box, which includes a series of products, including beautiful skin and bottle, and will have the opportunity to experience new skin care products ahead of schedule.

it is reported that since its establishment in 2009, nature park has been adhering to the concept of naturalism, looking for raw materials in nature and actively creating a green and healthy “nature tour” brand. At present, nature park has more than 720 stores in South Korea, and its products are favored by Korean consumers; its products also attract a large number of loyal consumers overseas. Nature park has opened more than 170 exclusive stores in 17 countries in North America, Asia and Africa. Its products have won various gold awards for many times and are praised in the industry. In China, natural paradise is famous for its Aloe Soothing Gel, which has created a breakthrough in China’s online shopping mall, which has exceeded 1 million sales per day.