It’s too much! Olympic champion Liu Xuan’s big belly handstand photo attracts heated discussion, experts appeal not to follow suit

Recently, Olympic champion Liu Xuan showed a picture of her second child in the oasis, with the caption: “here comes your Superman mother.”. The publicity map of this group of programs immediately triggered a wave of hot discussion among netizens. < / P > < p > this wave of “dazzle skills” simply stunned netizens, have said that “Superman mother” is worthy of its name, worthy of being the world champion of women’s gymnastics! However, in the face of some people’s concerns about whether someone will imitate them, experts have come out and called on everyone not to follow suit. Experts say pregnant women are generally not advised to over stretch or split, but to keep their pelvis stable. < / P > < p > like Liu Xuan, it’s no problem to do some swing action under the premise of safety guarantee. However, in reality, pregnant women may fall down and get hurt if they shake on their handstands, while horse with one character may cause pain in the pubic region. < / P > < p > these difficult movements are difficult for non pregnant people, let alone pregnant women. So we should listen to the experts, do not try these dangerous movements easily. Chen Yihan, who was five months pregnant, spent about 37 minutes running 5.5 kilometers. In addition, she also carries out daily mountaineering, swimming and other sports, never stop the pace of sports. Ella, who is 9 months pregnant, actually danced a hot dance with a big belly. Her movements are very flexible and accurate, which makes people forget that she is a pregnant woman about to give birth. < p > < p > of course, these female stars always have sports habits, and they are taken care of by professionals, so it is not too difficult for them to do these sports. But in fact, it is necessary to keep a certain amount of exercise during pregnancy, which can promote blood circulation, enhance cardiopulmonary function, relieve anxiety and improve mood < p > < p > therefore, pregnant women can carry out some sports activities according to their own situation. Here are four more suitable exercises for pregnancy: < / P > < p > pregnant women’s aerobics, as the name suggests, is designed for pregnant women, suitable for the middle and late pregnancy. Its movement is relatively slow, not too intense. But it can help improve body coordination, exercise the muscle groups needed for labor, increase muscle dose, and shorten the labor process. < / P > < p > swimming is a very good sport, easy to learn, little harm to the body, suitable for people of all ages. Women in the second trimester of pregnancy go swimming, not only can reduce body pressure, but also help blood circulation, help relieve edema, backache and other problems. < p > < p > yoga is a kind of exercise that can help to relax, suitable for women in the middle and late pregnancy. As long as the correct method is mastered, it can strengthen the strength of abdomen and waist, prepare for production, relieve mood and keep pregnant women energetic. < p > < p > walking is a convenient and cost-effective exercise for all stages of pregnancy. Although simple, but the benefits of walking can be many, can exercise to the waist, legs, buttocks and other parts, to help improve core muscle strength and cardiopulmonary function. It is suitable for pregnant women without exercise habit. The length and distance of walking need to be arranged according to personal situation, and don’t let yourself be too tired. Focus