It’s very important to warm the uterus to spend your menstrual period easily. If you eat these foods regularly, your menstruation will be more relaxed

Introduction: for women, the uterus is very important, for the uterus, the word “warm” is also very important. When the uterus is cold, there will be a series of discomfort, the first to reflect the discomfort is menstruation, menstrual disorders and other phenomena. If you want to spend your menstrual period easily, it’s very important to warm up your uterus. If you eat these foods regularly, it will be easier to nourish your uterus. < p > < p > when the uterus gets cold, it will form cold in the uterus. If the cold accumulates for a long time, when the physiological period comes, the feeling of cold and falling pain will appear, which will affect women’s body and mind, and seriously affect their normal work and life. Therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to let the uterus get cold. < / P > < p > after the uterus gets cold or is stimulated by cold and hard food, menstruation will be advanced or delayed, which is commonly known as irregular menstruation. Irregular menstruation will make women have anxiety, tension and other emotions, which will aggravate the phenomenon of irregular menstruation. < / P > < p > I don’t know if you have found it. People with cold uterus usually have a prominent lower abdomen. Other parts are already very thin, but there will be meat in the abdomen. This is due to palace cold. The uterus is very afraid of cold, so the body will accumulate a lot of fat in the abdomen to keep warm, which will affect the beauty of the body. < / P > < p > feet will open the pores of the human body, allowing heat to enter the body’s organs. In the process of soaking feet, the uterus will also be warm, this warmth will slowly expel the accumulated cold, ease the palace cold. < / P > < p > while keeping warm, you can do exercises through the palace exercises on app. Now, many apps will provide videos of palace exercises. Through a few simple actions, you can achieve the purpose of maintenance, which is convenient and fast, and can also improve the body’s immunity. < p > < p > uterine cold can affect women’s physiological and physical health, so it is urgent to expel the uterine cold and create a warm environment for the uterus. According to the records in, Chinese medicine experts have consulted relevant ancient books to understand the characteristics of food materials. Using longan, medlar, red dates, ginger and other food materials to soak in water, can play a role in warming the uterus. Warm palace snack formula often used by Chinese medicine experts also applies the principle of these ingredients for both medicine and food: < / P > < p > longan: longan is a common ingredient in the eight treasure porridge we usually drink. It has the effect of calming the mind, tonifying blood and nourishing qi, and regulating qi and blood. < / P > < p > the ingredients mentioned above are not only in the field of diet, but also very common in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. If you can’t make it by yourself due to busy reasons, you can try to take it with you in a teabag, so as to replenish blood and warm the palace at any time. < p > < p > conclusion: the uterus is very important for every woman. If you want to keep the uterus in a healthy state, you should create a natural hotbed for it, and never let it catch cold, or there will be several phenomena mentioned above. If you have these problems, then you can try the above methods, I wish female friends can safely through the physiological period. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here