It’s very slow and painful to give birth to a baby. People have told you that good physical strength is the key to give birth in 2 minutes

Natural labor requires higher physical strength of pregnant women. The labor process of pregnant women with good physical strength will be shorter, while that of pregnant women with poor physical strength will be long and even dystocia. There is no doubt that it is very difficult to give birth naturally because of the small pelvis and large fetus. The pelvis is not controllable, but the volume and weight of the fetus and baby are controlled by the pregnant mother through the control of diet. < / P > < p > especially in the second trimester of pregnancy, we should pay more attention to nutrition matching and supplement high-quality protein. Calcium and iron, beef, fish, fresh vegetables, milk, bean products, etc. are all good choices. Don’t eat too much fat soup. Pig’s feet are too greasy to drink for pregnant women. Nutritional diet with one or two hours of exercise a day, more conducive to natural labor. Finally, regular birth check-up should be carried out to check the development of the fetus and the fetal position in late pregnancy. If it is not the head position, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions and correct the fetal position. < p > < p > young parents are parents for the first time, lack of parenting experience, and they are inevitably anxious about the problems encountered during pregnancy and childbirth and in the process of parenting. The older generation is worried about unscientific parenting concepts. It is better to find a practical professional parenting encyclopedia than to search for information on the Internet. < p > < p > this set of books systematically introduces the most advanced concepts of pregnancy and child care at home and abroad, including the latest research results in obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis, maternal and neonatal care, child care, early education and other fields. < / P > < p > no matter what stage of pregnancy, childbirth and child care, this set of books can always provide you with comprehensive help. For example: fetal development process, fetal education, prenatal examination, diet, safe drug use, delivery, postpartum health care, etc., comprehensive professional system to reduce the anxiety and tension of pregnant mothers. < / P > < p > the price of this set of books is 58 yuan in a small shop. If you like, you can click the link below to order. I hope every expectant mother can get scientific and practical guidance on pregnancy and child care, and be a happy mother. Skip to content