Japanese doctors used “magic sauce” instead of salt to adjust taste, reducing it from 92kg to 67kg

In a Japanese program, doctors and weight loss experts and professors analyze the causes of obesity. It is mentioned that people’s taste is fat and thin. As long as you use one move to change your eating habits, you can successfully reduce your body fat! Xiaowen Kudo, a Japanese diabetes specialist and weight loss expert, has published many books on healthy weight loss methods, and some of them have been translated into Chinese and English versions, helping more than 100000 people lose weight successfully! < / P > < p > in the program, Dr. Kudo analyzes the reasons why the weight loss effect is not significant. Among them, to lose weight healthily, the most important thing is to control your taste, don’t let your taste become more fat! < / P > < p > the so-called “obesity taste” is that the tongue is used to eating food with stronger taste, and it will pursue more and more strong taste when eating, and constantly improve the “threshold” of taste sense, and then intake excessive fat and sugar in disguise. < / P > < p > on the contrary, the so-called “thin taste”, that is, eating lighter food can meet the needs of your taste sense, and more successfully lose weight healthily. The key is to adjust your taste first. In the patients of Dr. Kudo, he found a rule, that is, many people who are hard to lose weight, most of them belong to “fat taste”. These obese patients with “slightly fat taste” tend to eat foods with high calorie, high fat and high sugar content. While obese patients with “thin taste” tend to eat lighter food when eating. < / P > < p > in the process of weight loss, many people say that they should reduce the intake of sugar and fat. However, many people don’t know that taste plays a role in it, which makes our brain and consciousness not match, resulting in a large intake of fat, sugar, pepper and other heavy taste food. To reduce sugar, fat, and salt, you need to start with taste. Gongteng suggested that the taste should be improved by “taste cutting”. However, the so-called “taste cut-off method” does not mean fasting, it is to reduce all the food and seasonings that stimulate the taste, and then achieve the purpose of reducing the intake of calories. For example, it can reduce the participation of salt, and then reduce the absorption of fat and sugar. Because salt is closely related to fat and sugar, it can increase the body’s absorption of fat and sugar. < p > < p > therefore, to successfully change the taste, it is necessary to reduce the intake of salt, and even eat the “salt free” food containing fat and sugar. Generally, taste habits can be changed within 3-4 days. < / P > < p > and many people may not be able to accept the lighter dishes all of a sudden. Dr. Kudo shares his “magic seasoning”. It is a powder made by grinding skipjack, dried seafood, kelp and green tea to replace salt. < / P > < p > and Dr. Kudo, along with his patients, has successfully lost weight in this way. He himself has been reduced from 92kg to 67kg, which can be said to be a “personal statement”. < / P > < p > it is recommended that those who eat more often try this little method, but don’t expect it to make you lose weight right away. Remember, all the individual methods, are auxiliary, to be integrated is the successful way to lose weight, such as reasonable diet, regular exercise, happy mood, etc. Next