Japanese love it too! Don Quixote recommends popular products

To travel to Japan, in addition to playing and tasting delicious food, shopping is also an indispensable option. So is there a good place to shop in Japan that can save time, effort and money? Don Quijote, the largest duty-free shop in Japan, has a lot of things in it. Among all these items, what are the most popular products to buy? Xiaobian invited Don Quixote’s store manager to introduce and recommend the popular products that must be bought. Some Japanese like to use them, and some tourists who visit Japan specify to buy them. This is enough for the shopping list guide!

, the popular brand excel on behalf of buying and buying, is cheap and easy to use. The eye shadow is soft and beautiful. It is both bright and not too exaggerated. It can be used as makeup for daily work, and the dating will be greatly improved. Eyebrow, eyebrow and blush series are also highly praised. Many times have won the @Cosme beauty cream MOTEMASCARA Mascara in Japan. The packaging is very textured, and waterproof, anti halo, can be removed with warm water, and there are eye liner, repair base cream, eye cream, discoloration lip gloss, and it is often panic buying. The charm of

BCL Saborino good morning facial mask has caused a lot of topics in Japan. As long as you get a piece of it every day when you get up, you can achieve the three effects of face washing + moisturizing + moisturizing, and you can apply makeup directly to make your makeup more beautiful, which is definitely the essential mask of a busy petty bourgeois girl. The advanced mask is recommended by QUEEN ‘S PREMIUM MASK. Each tablet contains 30 ml of beauty liquid, red moisturizing, blue whitening, and black pore care, focusing on the skin condition. < p > < p > wonder fixer, an exclusive product co branded by Don Quixote and magic mirror of love, sprays gently on his face after finishing make-up. The transparent texture adds beauty ingredients, which can improve the oily luster, make-up removal and pore problems. It’s really convenient! Only in Don Quixote can you buy it! < p > < p > apagard is a popular toothpaste brand in Japan. It contains three kinds of tooth whitening ingredients. M-plus is the standard basic care. Smoke ‘focuses on removing pigment precipitation. Premiere has won @ cosme beauty Award for preventing tooth decay and tooth whitening. Facial cleansing is the first professional Perfect Whip foam cleansing cream, can produce a thick and thick foam, mild and non irritation, after washing the face is not tight, it is cheap and easy to use facial cream! < p > < p > organic shampoo brand botanist is a brand that Japanese artists and Japanese girls love to use. After washing, the hair is not dry and astringent, and gives off the natural fragrance of plants. Bath milk and body milk are also recommended! If you want to strengthen the care of hair quality, we recommend the fino hair care film of Shiseido, which is especially suitable for damaged hair. The newly launched salon grade TSUBAKI top-level hair repair mask can be washed immediately after being applied, which is a great advantage without waiting for time! < / P > < p > also popular is the flower king steam eye mask. Modern people spend a long time watching computer work and sliding mobile phones. Using the steam eye mask can make the eyes relax moderately. Whether there are spices, pomelo, rose, chamomile, ginger, lavender and other fragrance can be selected. In addition, there are also steam night stickers, which can be pasted on the back neck before going to bed to help sleep. Lion King rest time is also a must buy goods, long standing work, shopping to foot acid, must not be without it! < p > < p > Eve white pain relieving tablets can relieve various kinds of pain such as physiological pain, headache, toothache, muscle pain, etc., and relieve fever. The main effect of blue package Eve is faster. If it is aimed at the physiological pain of female friends, lpain Kowa is commonly used by Japanese girls. It does not contain drowsiness ingredients, which can effectively relieve the discomfort during physiological period. Moreover, it is small and easy to take. < p > < p > Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a cold medicine developed by Dazheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., can relieve the comprehensive symptoms of cold. It is a common medicine in Japanese families, including two kinds of particles and lozenges. Takeda pharmaceutical’s altamoid ex plus tablets contain comprehensive vitamin ingredients, which can improve neck and shoulder stiffness, backache, eye fatigue and other symptoms. < p > < p > modern people’s diet life is not normal, we can rely on some healthy food to supplement the insufficient nutrients. FANCL’s comprehensive nutrition supplement package provides nutrition for different generations and genders. Sage’s Shizhuo is a dietary fiber extracted from chestnut rice, which can reduce the intake of excessive fat and starch, and will not block the absorption of minerals. It will not change the flavor of coffee, juice, tea and other drinks. < / P > < p > the latest hot search rankings are non transparent drinks and memory gum. Memory chewing gum contains Ginkgo extract, which is claimed to be able to maintain memory. It has become a new topic commodity since it came into the market. There are also the crazy purchase of transparent beverage series, because the appearance looks like ordinary water, but it tastes like milk tea and lemon black tea, the mystery of which is amazing! < / P > < p > コロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロロ. Kit Kat has a lot of tastes and is one of the top sellers on the list. Moreover, Japanese sounds like “win win”, meaning “win”. It is a must win snack that Japanese often use to wish a smooth exam and pass an interview. < p > < p > due to the opening of a shop in Taiwan, Yilan Ramen has once again started a wave of queuing in Taiwan. Among them, the instant noodles of Yilan Ramen also caused a big rush. In Don Quixote, you can take Yilan Ramen home without queuing up! And the Japanese cup noodles is indeed the representative of the Japanese cup noodles, a small cup when the night snack will not have a sense of guilt. < / P > < p > when it comes to the popular products that Japanese housewives love to use, the store manager first recommended the seasonings of house, a Japanese food factory, including mustard, mustard, garlic puree and ginger. It’s very convenient to pack the hose according to how much it is squeezed, and there is no need to be afraid of waste. If you like to eat Japanese salads, Pietro dressing and wind soy sauce salad dressing are recommended. In addition, the green bottle is formulated with 70% oil reduction. Japanese families often cook curry rice. In supermarkets, you can see various kinds of curry pieces with different brands and tastes. The most popular ones are house’s apple curry series and S & B’s gold curry series. They have three kinds of spicy degrees to choose from. In addition, it also recommends the house’s Cream Corn nuggets, adding vegetables and chicken, which is a delicious cream corn soup. < / P > < p > Rex Festival is a famous sake brand in Japan. Because Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe presented Rex sacrifice to former US President Barack Obama and Russian President Putin, it is more widely known and can be bought in Don Quixote! If you like it, Don Quixote is recommended to buy it. There are more than one flavor, many of which are not available in supermarkets or convenience stores outside! < / P > < p > the brands of Don Quixote beer are also very complete, such as yebisu, Asahi, Suntory, Sapporo, etc., as well as lovely small bottles, which can be used to give to relatives and friends. Japanese store manager also secretly said a small secret, in fact, the Japanese favorite beer is yebisu, but because the price is more expensive, so more people drink Asahi! With a good beer, of course, you can’t do without food and wine. The Japanese like to eat braised scallops and cheese cod strips. They are perfect with beer! < / P > < p > these two Japanese made lightweight thermos cups, which are made in Japan, come in 350 ml and 500 ml capacities. The patterns of pink cherry blossom and red fan are very attractive. Kyocera, a ceramic knife brand, has high hardness, sharp and easy to cut. Ceramic materials will not have metal smell when cutting food. Recently, the popularity of consumers has soared. Moreover, it has beautiful appearance and often introduces limited colors. < / P > < p > the flagship store of waterfront is located in freedom hill. It is a famous umbrella brand in Japan. It is colorful and durable. The lightweight folding umbrella will not be too heavy in the bag. There is also a lovely kitty cat umbrella! Another popular commodity of Don Quixote is the socks of cartoon characters. In summer, they are breathable cotton socks. In winter, they will change into warm thick woolen socks. They are so cute that they can’t help putting them into the shopping basket. They are suitable for giving gifts for their own use! < / P > < p > Japanese made fukuske silk stockings are also Japanese girls’ favorite! It has transparent feeling, sweat absorption and anti-static function. The point is that it is very cheap! Dr.Scholl The qtto decompression leg socks, which can maintain legs when you sleep, are also one of the commodities that female friends must buy. < / P > < p > after reading the must buy popular products recommended by Don Quixote store manager, isn’t it exciting? Just come to Tokyo travelers, do not miss Tokyo’s largest flagship store Mega Don Quixote Shibuya Hotel, let you 24-hour shopping! You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao