Japanese natural mineral make-up brand etvos autumn and winter 2020

In autumn and winter, the 4 color mineral eye shadow plates include gorgeous purple gray, charming golden gold and smoky red. The combination of eye shadow with the texture of shiny and dull light can greatly enhance the depth of eye makeup and sense of sensuality, create lively and sexy makeup in autumn and winter, and highlight the charm and strength of women.

with the fine color and luster of natural minerals, the deep and noble eye makeup is created to show the bright and charming charm of light mature women. It contains high-purity refined mineral ingredients, can improve the fit of skin, maintain high color rendering for a long time, and make up lasting.

Eyeshadow adds moisturizing ingredients, organic olive oil and jojoba oil, and *LIPIDURE formula, with tremella polysaccharides and sodium hyaluronate, which are famous for high water power. It can moisturize the dry eye and moisturize the eyes. It also adds the dry extract of licorice to make the sensitive eye healthy.

the simple formula is made of minerals and natural pigments, extracted vegetable oil and beauty ingredients, which can be unloaded with only ordinary cleansing products and warm water. It is a low irritation formula that can be safely used by people with sensitive skin around eyes or eyelashes.

single product won the first prize of the famous Japanese evaluation website in the spring of 2020. It is loved by many women. The beauty of light perception, the Mineral Eye Shadow paste and the mermaid purple are coming again.

photosensitive Beauty Eye mineral ointment can give the eyes a transparent sense of skin. It is a lavender eye shadow with a bright tint and a bright eye. As an eye shadow, the pearl powder can be used to cover the dark and make a quick eye.

in order to make it convenient to use and not easy to leave traces of eye fold lines, this product adopts silicone free formula, which can be soft and extended and closely fit the skin. As a single eye shadow, it can also be used as an eye shadow. If you are an eye shadow, you can enhance the color and luster of eye shadow after overlay, and keep the color developing for a long time.
the skin is easy to change due to the skin’s rough and dry skin. The essential oil with high water holding capacity is used as the base, and the moisturizing and whole muscle ingredients for skin defense are added, such as lipidure? Moisture locking and moisturizing factor, blackcurrant seed oil, fallen bell flower / leaf / vine extract to protect dry skin. In addition, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C inducer are added to increase the elasticity of the eye, so as to keep the eye healthy and glossy.

pure formula made of vegetable oil and wax, beauty ingredients and natural minerals. It is a low irritation formula specially designed for sensitive skin.

it does not contain castor oil and honey wax, but also contains moisturizing ingredients such as Moroccan hazelnut oil and sunflower seed oil, and whole muscle components such as white feather fan bean seed extract, aloe extract and vitamin E. At the same time, it provides moisture and elasticity for lips to prevent water shortage and dryness.

the transparent and lustrous color development effect can be realized without artificial pigment. The color suitable for Asian skin color highlights the original beauty of lips and makes the skin look more beautiful and moving.

only contains plant essential oil, beauty ingredients and natural mineral ingredients. Do not need to remove make-up, just general cleansing products and warm water can be removed. It is a low irritation formula for sensitive skin.

products add more than 90% of vegetable oil essence. Functional plant essential oil can tightly lock moisture, like mask, give lips moist texture, high degree of sticker, long time lock water, and maintain the most comfortable sense of use.

in order to create a bright and moist lips, collagenaer + + * 1, dryness extract, amino acid inducer, anhydrous microspheres hyaluronic acid, vitaskin? E * 2 and other luxury beauty ingredients are added to protect the delicate and sensitive lips, prevent drying, and create a rich and bright lip makeup.

the high color rendering Lip Glaze with unprecedented three-dimensional feeling and distinct water moistening feeling makes each make-up more vivid by bright coloring. In addition, western pear juice fermentation liquid is added to make lips more plump and colorful.

the leaf shaped brush head can improve the convenience of Lip Glaze. The open hole design in the middle of the brush head makes it easier for the brush head to pick up the lip glaze. It is flat and moderate in width, and has a high degree of fit with the lips. It can complete the beautiful lip makeup with one wipe.

etvos color make-up products are made of natural mineral ingredients, without the need to remove makeup, general cleansing products can be easily removed, avoiding the damage to the skin caused by makeup removal. The product does not contain surfactant, mineral oil, silicone oil, tar pigment, artificial flavor, preservative, alcohol, talc and ultraviolet absorber. Pregnant women, dry muscle, sensitive muscle, acne muscle, medical treatment after the use of peace of mind.

etvos, which was born in 2007, was co founded by Ms. Ogawa, the head of the society, and a group of Japanese dermatologists with similar ideals. When she was young, Ms. Ogawa had trouble with sensitive muscles and adult acne. When she was searching for answers on the Internet, she started the idea of setting up an intelligence website for skin problems in the face of complicated and specious information, and then found many skin problems of consumers All come from the most fundamental harm, that is, the repeated makeup removal maintenance process. This discovery led to the birth of the pure mineral cosmetics brand etvos.

etvos is a word coined by German and Latin, which means “connecting the beauty of people”. It is not only the beauty of appearance, but also enables you to realize yourself from the inside and realize the real moving. Adhering to this belief, etvos has become the first Japanese made 100% natural mineral cosmetics and skin care brand in 2007 with the aim of “the beauty of introverted after washing”. Strive to create really good products, simple and sincere to each customer’s hands, I hope you continue to love.

I am diligent in maintaining skin care every day. Have you ever thought that skin care must start from two aspects: color make-up and skin care? Strong and stubborn color make-up must be strong to remove. One of the main causes of skin allergy, dryness and acne is the loss of ceramide caused by “strong makeup removal”. Etvos believes that the key to muscle beauty is not only to replenish the ceramide of the skin, but also to cooperate with mineral makeup which is “gentle and does not need to remove makeup” at the same time. The essence of beautiful skin – only natural ceramide skin care products and zero burden mineral makeup can be achieved. Using the dual power of the two, etvos makes you “more and more beautiful” and evokes unprecedented natural beauty. PARRENT&CHILDREN