Japan’s new-born babies may drop sharply next year

From May to July this year, Japan received about 204000 new pregnancy files, a decrease of 26331, or 11.4%, from May to July this year, according to the Ministry of health, labor and welfare. It is expected that Japan’s new-born population will decrease significantly in 2021. < p > < p > in order to understand the impact of the new crown epidemic on Japan’s fertility rate, the Ministry of health, health and labor summarized the filing situation of pregnant women in various regions, and provided an official report on this issue for the first time. According to Kyodo news agency, the impact of the epidemic on employment and the deterioration of the reproductive environment have led to a decrease in the number of pregnant people. < / P > < p > Japan’s new born population has continued to decrease in recent years, falling below 1 million for the first time in 2016, and decreasing to about 865000 in 2019. The number of Japanese newborns could drop to about 700000 by 2021 if the willingness to have a child remains low, Kyodo News Agency reported. More than 90% of Japanese pregnant women file within 11 weeks of pregnancy. According to the data of the Ministry of health, health and labor, the number of pregnant women filing in May decreased the most, with a total of 67919, a year-on-year decrease of 17.1%; from June to July, about 40 of Japan’s 47 prefectures and counties had a decrease. < p > < p > data shows that at the time of the outbreak of the epidemic in March this year, Japanese society was generally worried about the epidemic situation, which was reflected in the number of pregnant women filing in May. According to the number of filing in April, the number of pregnant women in February was roughly the same as that in the same period last year. Focus