Jiang Lisa had a 4-year-old cesarean section and was willing to give birth to the fifth child. Can Chen Haomin understand the pain of women

Statistics show that the cesarean section rate in China has reached 46%, which is very rare in the world, but it is extremely high in China. However, although caesarean section is “convenient”, but the “injury index” is immeasurable, let alone some women will choose to continue cesarean section, and Chen Haomin’s wife is one of them. On September 18, Chen Haomin’s wife, Jiang Lisha, took a group photo of a family of eight. In the photo, she was dressed up and had a good figure. Obviously, she didn’t look like a mother of four children. Chen Haomin, on the other hand, has some signs of gaining weight. Jiang Lisa is more than ten years younger than Chen Haomin. Soon after they got married, they had their first love. After giving birth to a second child, the doctor advised her to recover for 2-3 years before preparing for pregnancy. However, they did not listen to the doctor’s advice. Instead, they completed the “battle record” of four consecutive cesarean sections for five years. During this period, Jiang Lisa was not in confinement and did not know whether her body could bear it. However, as a husband, Chen Haomin was dissatisfied with this and thought that his wife wanted to have a fifth child. However, Jiang Lisha said frankly: if the next child is a boy, she is willing to continue to give birth. < p > < p > after many netizens saw it, they left messages one after another. Some netizens said: Lisa Jiang has become a “fertility machine”. As her husband, Chen Haomin can really understand women’s pain? < / P > < p > during natural labor, the baby will contract and squeeze regularly at the birth stage. This way is equivalent to a new baptism for the baby, and it can also make the fetal brain develop more closely. However, infants born by caesarean section “evade” this link, so their immunity may be weak. Therefore, some mothers choose “auspicious day” for their children, mostly for this reason. For example, there is a risk that pregnant women need more anesthetics before caesarean section. < / P > < p > and the postoperative wound recovery is also a problem. If the recovery is not good, it may leave some sequelae. Therefore, can choose natural delivery of pregnant women, had better not choose caesarean section. < / P > < p > after cesarean section, Baoma needs to rest for a few days before she starts breast-feeding. Especially in the initial stage, it is very important for the baby to allow sucking, which will affect the later lactation posture and feeding habits. < / P > < p > these are only the three hazards of cesarean section, and there are other potential hazards that can not be ignored, and the regular hospital will also recommend that the puerpera should give birth naturally, and if it can not, it should not be. But if the choice of cesarean section, that postpartum confinement is essential, do not take their own body joke. < p > < p > the old man said: you can’t touch cold water during confinement, but you can use hot water. Therefore, Baoma should pay attention to personal hygiene, wash frequently and keep herself “fresh” during the period of confinement, which is of great benefit to the recovery of her body. < / P > < p > although it is not possible to catch cold during the period of confinement, ventilation is a necessary link. If it is in summer and the weather is hot, you can also consider turning on the air conditioner, but the premise is that the air outlet should not be facing the mother and the baby. < p > < p > exercise is the Savior of health, which is the same for ordinary people and pregnant women. Therefore, moderate exercise can help Baoma detoxify, but remember not to do strenuous activities. < p > < p > finally, please don’t learn from Jiang Lisa’s behavior of not being in confinement. After all, her body is her own. No matter how many children there are, they are not their own. They have their own life to go after all, and Baoma should be responsible for their own health. Otherwise, if they fall ill, how can they accompany their children to grow up? Therefore, confinement is a crucial process. 20