Jilin Shulan found the remains of an unknown boy, the police issued a report of investigation assistance

Recently, the Public Security Bureau of Shulan City, Jilin Province, issued a notice to assist in the investigation, saying that on August 13, the body of an unknown boy was found in group 9, Lianhe village, Jishu street, Shulan city. If you have information, please contact the Bureau.

according to the above notification, the body of the unknown boy was about 6-8 years old and about 106 cm tall. Wear a half sleeve T-shirt on the upper body, seven point shorts on the lower part, and blue sports shoes on the feet.

after the incident, on August 17, Shulan Education Bureau issued an emergency notice, requiring all primary schools in the city to carry out investigation work for pupils under grade three.

at about 15:00 on the 19th, a staff member of the basic education department of Shulan City Education Bureau told the surging news. After receiving the above-mentioned information, the Bureau organized schools to investigate all primary school students in Shuhua city and its subordinate towns. At present, no relevant information has been found. “There are no missing children from all schools.” Said the staff member. Skip to content