Jinchen, Wang Feifei and other female stars get clear and moisten the muscles!

There will always be a period of time will be busy to think about life, physical and mental fatigue, skin is also increasingly haggard. Irregular work and rest, but also long-term make-up, at this time want to get clear water moisten the muscle, inseparable from the careful care of the skin. Today, sister Ba takes you to explore the nursing secret of the female star’s water moistening and penetrating muscle. Go down and have a look! < / P > < p > cleaning is the foundation of making your skin clear. If you wear make-up all day, your skin will be breathless. Don’t be lazy and don’t take off your make-up. Otherwise, no matter how good the skin care is, it will be useless. < p > < p > Wang Feifei, who is shining brightly on the stage, needs to make various kinds of heavy make-up according to the theme. As she strives for time to sleep, she usually uses Shu Uemura’s Amber skin care cleanser. < / P > < p > cleaning power max, it can easily remove makeup and take away excess dirt at the same time. With good fluidity, it can make your face very comfortable and not greasy. It can nourish the skin. It also has a strong camellia seed oil smell. It seems that you are doing Spa for your skin. It is a make-up remover that combines makeup removal and cleaning. < / P > < p > in this unpredictable weather, the skin is also “distressed”. Some sisters’ indoor air conditioning has not stopped, so the skin is more prone to water shortage. After cleaning, quickly replenish water for the skin to avoid dryness and tightness.

Tang Yi Xin will choose the light CLARINS Clarins youth essence, which is suitable for young skin and the buddy who needs to resist old age.

it can help open the skin passageway, make the subsequent cream and cream better absorb, accelerate the absorption of nutrients, and resist the damage of the external environment to maintain the balance of water and oil. < / P > < p > the texture is light and does not cause burden to the skin. It emits a light fragrance, absorbs quickly and is not greasy. The skin is always covered by moisture. Pat your face or wipe with a wet cotton pad to make your skin more transparent. Remember to take care of your neck when using it.

can also soothe the skin with a sedative spray like Lin Yun, such as La Mer La Mer conditioning spray, light and sticky texture, easy to face, and moisturizing the skin during the day. < / P > < p > skin is affected by the external environment every day, and irregular work and rest is also a common thing. In addition, work and life pressure will accelerate skin aging. Timely repair, it is possible to bid farewell to skin yellowing, large pores, long “stay up late acne” and other issues. < / P > < p > staying up late and running around is also Jinchen with oily skin. She often has acne and shut her mouth. She uses lifespring B5 repair cream, which is applied locally to the long acne and acne marks, and takes photos to check the effect. < / P > < p > this texture is a little thick, but it is easy to push away. If you have a good acne, you can use it to apply it to local areas. After half an hour’s application or all night’s application, the acne will be healed the next day.

, I wish you the heart and soul of Pick. The essence of the repair is HR Helena’s happy new muscle repair essence. Its texture is not sticky, its fluidity is very good. The upper face is very reassuring to the skin and can be absorbed quickly, which helps to balance the condition of the skin. Focus