Jingtian broadcast for an hour, but I only remember her pushing Xueling Fei’s facial cleanser

You must have seen it in the last two years. This play was also one of the most popular dramas on the fire at that time. In it, Jingtian played Shen Zhenzhu in a cool, dignified and mother’s instrument. It’s so beautiful! One shot can capture the level of the heart of the blockbuster. Wearing red clothes, the beauty is incomparable, the noble and cool temperament shows incisively and vividly.

not long ago, Jingtian announced that she had become the “juhuasuan beautiful grass planting official”, and had a special live broadcast for more than four hours in juhuasuan’s official live broadcasting room. Since Jingtian joined the sharing team of Haowu live broadcasting, Jingtian has brought a steady stream of the same kind of good things to women who love beauty. Every time, the direct broadcast room is hot.

just on the evening of September 9, Jingtian opened the 99 big promotion live broadcast with goods in the juhuasuan live broadcasting room. Jingtian had a sweet smile and controlled the scene smoothly. In her live delivery all night, what I noticed most was that she pushed xuelingfei’s amino acid facial cleanser that night. We all know that Jingtian had a hot search on her micro blog for two days, Her attitude towards washing face once made netizens cry out delicacy, and her cleansing products have also become popular items at present, so she pushed Xueling Fei’s facial cleanser that night is what I care most.

Xue Ling Fei’s Amino Acid Cleansing Cream I know that once monthly sales 150W popular single product, and the main is amino acid cleansing cream, sensitive muscle can also be used, so now the allergy skin is easy to use, especially foam, can rub out very thick foam, is very suitable for daily washing. Just like Tian Jing introduced, foam density can penetrate into our pores more effectively and take away the dirty things in the pores. Especially in the T area, the area of oil secretion is relatively strong. It can also play the role of oil control. 500g is large capacity and the price performance ratio is much higher than that of the ordinary cleansing cream.

after learning about xuelingfei’s amino acid facial cleanser in the live studio, she found that during the promotion period of 1999, her family had a new ancient style amino acid facial cleanser co named by Fang Wenshan, and the co branded formula of Fang Wenshan’s inscription. With the Chinese style ink painting style as the outer packaging, the new ingredients were improved, and the imported amino acids added to make Xue Lingfei’s Amino Acid Facial Cleanser cleaner and milder, and the light makeup could be easily removed, And the addition of nicotinamide ingredients, can also let you use more white, each time after washing face can feel a degree of white face, not easy to darken, is a daily need, wash the face is the first step of skin care, choose the right facial cleanser is very important.

, after a few hours of Tian Jing’s live broadcast, the only thing I remember is this snow concubine amino acid cleansing cream. Only 39.9 of the day’s live room can bring such a large bottle of cleansing cream home, and send 500ml fruit acid body essence water. Now autumn is very suitable for body care, it can improve our daily skin dryness, chicken skin and other problems. Indeed, squatting live room is good. I had a good time collecting wool.

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