Ju Jingyi’s red carpet health picture was handed down and said goodbye to the four level whitening filter. The original picture looks like citric acid

As a fast rising female star in the entertainment industry, Ju Jingyi’s popularity is no less than that of deligerba. Only two make complaints about it. But I am praised by the little girl. But Ju Jing Yi is always criticized. Keyboard warrior will be tucking away and questioning each other no matter how his facial features, figure and complexion are. “< p > < p > maybe” when people are in bad luck, drinking water will plug their teeth “. Every activity of Ju Jingyi can cause controversy! This is not true. Recently, Ju Jingyi has attended the offline activities. However, there are many insiders in this activity, such as Yu Shuxin. Because of the different height, many people start to anger Ju Jingyi.

besides, there are also make complaints about the color of the black powder Tucao, but in fact, this red carpet activity will be broadcast live. Ju Jing Yi has no way to do the P map at the later stage. In the live video, Ju Jingyi and the person in charge of the organizer are in the same frame for a group photo. However, they stand in front of the camera at the same time, but their skin color is quite different. < / P > < p > first of all, if you look at the skin color of the person in charge, his face is not only oily and sweaty, but also dark. As soon as you look at it, you can see that the organizer has set up the original camera for live broadcast. In other words, in this live broadcast activity, Ju Jingyi said goodbye to the level 4 whitening filter! < p > < p > but even without the four level whitening filter, when I saw Ju Jingyi’s skin color, I was a little suspicious of life. Was Ju Jingyi really not powdered? Is it true that there are white to luminous skin tones in real life? Are you sure you didn’t bring your own whitening filter? < / P > < p > well, in front of the live camera, you can clearly see that her legs are white and luminous, and her legs are super slim. When I first saw them, I thought they were two white chalk! < / P > < p > secondly, there is no harm if there is no comparison. It is obviously the same live shot, but when Ju Jingyi and the host are standing together, they seem to be several different color codes! As shown in the picture, I don’t mean to offend the host, but in front of the camera, although the host is tall, her skin color is really dark, and her face is still oily! However, Ju Jingyi is different. Her face, neck, long legs and other skin exposed in front of the camera are all white and luminous. When I saw this scene, I was really citric acid. Ju Jingyi is a natural beauty of “cold white skin”. No matter what kind of environment she is in, her skin color is the most white! < / P > < p > well, if you continue to enlarge the live picture three times, you can clearly see that Ju Jingyi’s skin color is really white, and under the background of black boots, Ju Jingyi looks like a cartoon heroine with her own filter. In addition, Ju Jingyi’s skin color is comparable to the white logo on the movable wall behind her. If girls have such a bright white complexion, they will laugh in their dreams. < / P > < p > in addition, besides the bright white skin color of Ju Jingyi, in fact, the facial features of Ju Jingyi are also very popular. It is said that Ju Jingyi is a “beauty of four thousand years”. But if you look at the picture of life, Ju Jingyi’s beauty really deserves the name! < / P > < p > generally speaking, the beauty of the live camera is the closest to me, and Ju Jingyi’s facial features are very delicate and small, and her eyebrows are very delicate, and her face contour is clear. So who doesn’t like Ju Jingyi’s “beauty of the prosperous age” when seeing this moment? < p > < p > No, after Ju Jingyi’s red carpet picture was spread, many fans were brushing the screen under the blog post: the cold white skin is sharp, and I kneel down! Good white ~ cold white skin is really wonderful ~ it’s another picture of cold white skin screaming from the front page ~ < / P > < p > from the comments, it can be seen from the comments that many keyboard heroes have to turn their faces. After all, during the live broadcast, Ju Jingyi’s skin color can’t be fake, that is to say, Ju Jingyi’s natural beauty is cold white skin, so we can only be moved and envied! However, after saying goodbye to the four level whitening filter, Ju Jingyi’s facial features are exquisite and on the camera. Her thick eyebrows and big eyes are super beautiful. In addition, her skin color is very white. Who can’t see such a beautiful life picture? < p > < p > it’s just a small editor. I want to say that Ju Jingyi is much whiter than ordinary people. In addition to her natural beauty, Ju Jingyi’s sunscreen is in place, and she stays in the production crew, and so on. As a result, her cold and white skin advantage is more obvious. Are girls super envious? 08/16/2020