Julie 2020 rose balance skin flower water moisten limited edition summer dress

The high temperature and sun pressure in summer make the skin imbalance, such as withered flowers, which needs immediate and lasting, efficient and light care. The annual limited edition of 2020 rose balance skin flower water is launched by Julie Kou: the fragrance water mist condenses the essence of four kinds of roses, bringing multiple skin care energy and comprehensive sensory healing; the limited edition hand-painted packaging designed by illustrator Adriana picker gives the classic flower water extraordinary artistic charm. You, who have been in love with julycom flower water for many years, enjoy the limited edition rose “fog” with 2 times capacity and N times efficacy * this summer, and your skin will bloom as new as ever.

the new limited edition flower water formula is gorgeous and upgraded: Four “beauty treasures” rose extracts from French Rose, dogtooth rose, wild rose and thousand leaf rose are blended and combined in gold proportion to stimulate multiple rose powers such as balance, soothing, brightening and high-efficiency anti-oxidation, bringing more complete care to the skin. Each rose cultivated on joliko living machine farm on the hills of Adelaide, South Australia, is picked by hand at the moment when the flower is in full bloom. The most pure active substance is extracted through exclusive technology to ensure that the rose extract can give full play to the skin care effect and retain the unique fragrance of each rose.

gently press the nozzle to release the flower water, and the skin is soaked in the fine mist, which not only instantly restores the water and luster, but also refreshes the sense organs, and makes the body and mind overflow with the happiness of reconnecting with the nature. Flower water into the root of hollyhock and aloe extract, strengthen the skin’s water holding and antioxidant capacity, spray at any time to build a water sensitive protective layer, so that you can have a comfortable and bright skin.

Julie’s special research on flower water is like creating works of art. Once again, she joined hands with Adriana picker, a famous illustrator, to endow her brand-new flower water with a charming style. “My inspiration came from the greatest Muse in the world: the ever-changing nature.” Adriana, who grew up in Australia’s blue mountains and Hunter Valley, explains, “just like the roses I love, each one is unique.”

for this Australian artist based in New York, smell is the best carrier of memory. The fragrant rose fragrance led her to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle and return to the quiet garden of her grandmother’s home to enjoy the comfortable and leisurely me time.

in the dangerous summer, the skin needs to be cared at any time. The brand-new limited edition flower water contains the beauty energy of four kinds of roses, which can easily awaken the vitality and radiance of skin during spraying. The usage of flower water is flexible and diversified. It can be used for conditioning and moisturizing after cleansing face in the morning and evening every day, fixed makeup and water replenishing after base makeup, or refreshing at any time. Double capacity makes you enjoy the “fog” more fully.