Kardashian three sisters fit in as perfume models, all have tight abs, and Kohler looks again.

On September 8, local time, Kim Kardashian shared a picture with her sister in the same frame on social media. The three sisters were dressed in red, green and blue dresses, all wearing Bob’s hair and posing in their own unique positions. According to the 39 year old reality TV actress’s photo, the photo was taken for the latest perfume. The three sisters are models and represent three different kinds of jewels.

gold is indeed the three Kardashian sisters. Not only has she perfumed, beauty, and body fitted, but now she has to go to the skin care and home furnishing industry. And she seems to know the truth of “more people and more strength”. She will join hands with her sisters to launch new works from time to time. Previously, the sisters and sisters have jointly launched a series of perfumes. At that time, they also adopted similar shapes, their hair was wavy curly, and they all wore light coloured suits with high collar, which was very different from this feeling. < / P > < p > and this time, the Kardashian sisters not only have the same make-up and hairstyle, but also show off their extremely similar abdominal muscles. All three have flat and tight abdomen. And interestingly, although Kohler is 1.78 meters tall, Courtney is only 1.52 meters, and gold is only 1.60 meters, but from the picture, the leg length of the three sisters is almost the same. I don’t know whether it is the visual effect or PS. < / P > < p > this is a photo of the three sisters 10 years ago. By comparison, their looks have changed a lot, but they feel very different. < / P > < p > in particular, Kohler, 36, was once again in the spotlight with the title “is that you, Kohler?”. Kohler in a royal blue dress and Kohler 12 years ago seem to be two people. < / P > < p > Kohler’s appearance changes have become the focus of attention recently. Some netizens even jokingly said that Kohler is different every time she comes out. Although it’s exaggerative to say so, she is indeed one of the biggest changes in Kardashian’s family. Especially, she likes to share photos with a great gap with her real face on her social media. The photos taken at the same time and the comparison before and after the revision are really different. 2