Kardashian’s same hip? Can you turn the cup? Don’t make a fuss. You may be leaning your pelvis forward

Kim Kardashian’s “ditch” is inhumane. In 2011, the rich woman insured her “buttocks” by 35 million yuan. In addition to “plastic surgery”, she also had “pelvic forward tilt”. < / P > < p > obese people generally have larger stomachs, but thin people also have small stomachs. They are all thin all over the body. How to suck and how to reduce their stomachs always exist. At the same time, their buttocks have a certain radian, which will be praised as “good body” by others. Qiaoxin is famous for being thin. She wears tight dresses but has a small stomach. In fact, she also has a problem with her pelvis leaning forward. < / P > < p > the same style of Kardashian? Can you turn the cup? Don’t make a fuss. You may be leaning your pelvis forward. Very intuitive body feelings are lumbar pain, shoulder pain, abdominal pain, knee pain and so on. We should pay attention to these situations. There is a physiological curve of forward bending in our lumbar vertebrae. If this curve is too forward convex, it will be pelvic anteversion, also known as decussation syndrome. < / P > < p > under crossing syndrome is the imbalance of muscle strength on the pelvic cross line, and the muscles at both ends of the line are too tight or too loose, which makes the pelvis unbalanced and inclines forward. < p > < p > sedentary people, whether you work, study or play games, sedentary is your fault! Sitting for a long time will make the iliopsoas muscle in a passive shortening state, the long-term consequence is that the iliopsoas muscle becomes more and more tense. < / P > < p > in addition, sitting for a long time will also weaken the gluteus muscle. In this way, the tense iliopsoas muscle will pull the pelvis forward, and the gluteus muscle has no resistance. However, it’s OK when I sit. I can’t walk with my waist bent. My waist muscles will pull the pelvis back, which will cause the erector spinalis to be tense all the time. < / P > < p > of course, sitting for a long time will also lead to the core strength becoming weaker and weaker, and the stomach can not be hidden. A bigger stomach will only reduce the resistance of the pelvis to tilt forward. In addition to sedentary, people who wear high-heeled shoes for a long time, pregnant women and people with beer bellies are also more likely to have pelvic anteversion. Kardashian’s same hip? Can you turn the cup? Don’t make a fuss. You may be leaning your pelvis forward. < / P > < p > sit on the edge of the table and slowly lie back with both knees around. After lying down, release one leg and slowly put it down. If the thigh can touch the table, it means that it is normal; if it can’t, it means that the iliopsoas muscle is tense and short. < / P > < p > when standing against a wall, the back of the whole body should be attached to the wall from head to foot. Test the distance between the waist and the wall by hand: put in a palm, which indicates that it is basically normal; put in a fist, it indicates that the pelvis is likely to tilt forward. < / P > < p > the base of the palm is placed at two protruding places of the pelvis. The two thumbs touch each other parallel to the ground. The other fingers lean together, and the middle finger is placed on the pubis. The hands form an inverted triangle. < / P > < p > most people’s pelvic anteversion is the result of acquired bad posture and habits. After discovery, it should be actively corrected! Otherwise, it is not only the problem of a big stomach, but also a variety of health problems. It’s a little shorter! The so-called “the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam is crooked”, the body is a whole, especially the trunk. In fact, it is not so difficult to correct, but it is necessary to keep doing these exercises. After all, it’s because of your long-term bad posture and habits that lead to your pelvis leaning forward! < / P > < p >} stand at the front of the mat, take a big step backward with the right foot backward, bend the left knee forward, straighten the right leg backward, put both hands on both sides of the left foot, bend the right knee upward, turn left hand, grasp the tip of the right foot, look at the direction of the left hand, keep breathing for 4 times, then return to standing, change the other side to practice for the same time. < / P > < p >} kneel on the mat, sit on the heel with the buttocks backward, fold the hip, with the trunk forward and downward, the abdomen close to the thigh, extend the hands forward, and lean the forehead on the cushion, and keep 4-8 deep and slow breathing. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this