Kidney deficiency, how much meat to eat every day? By this standard, don’t exceed too much

As the saying goes, “men should nourish the kidney and women should protect the liver”, men are more prone to kidney deficiency, which is not only related to bad living habits such as smoking, drinking and staying up late. It has something to do with overeating and eating too much meat.

according to incomplete statistics, the prevalence rate of kidney disease in China is as high as 10.8%. In recent years, there is a trend of gradual rejuvenation. In recent years, the living conditions have improved, and it has something to do with people’s “no meat, no joy”. Some men like to drink, but also like big fish and big meat. Therefore, among young people, there are also many people with kidney deficiency.

in nutrition, fat, protein and carbohydrate are collectively called “three major” nutrients, which are the basic substances to maintain human life activities. Especially protein and fat, which are the basic materials of human tissue cells, play an important role in the formation and repair of human tissue cells.

However, if too much fat and protein are consumed, they will be converted into fat, which is an important factor for human body to gain weight. Too much intake is not good for human health.

it is worth noting that fat and protein are macromolecular nutrients. After they are absorbed by the human intestine, they need to be decomposed by the liver before they can be used by the human body. For example, fat needs to be broken down into various fatty acids and sterols; protein also needs to be broken down into various amino acids. Therefore, excessive intake of fat and protein will increase the metabolic burden of the liver.

the kidney is the “filter” of human blood. Through the blood in the glomerulus, a large amount of water, a large amount of metabolic waste and some nutrients, including protein, will be filtered out. Then in the renal tubules, most of the water and almost all of the nutrients, and a small amount of metabolic waste will be absorbed back into the blood. If the blood protein is too high, it will aggravate the metabolism of the kidney Burden.

if the renal function is not good, some sugars and proteins can not be completely absorbed in the renal tubules, they will flow to the bladder. If there are sugars, proteins and other nutrients in the bladder, it is easy to breed some microorganisms, thus endangering human health.

therefore, for human body, the more protein, the better. Especially some kidney deficiency, not only to drink less, but also to control the intake of high protein food. That is to eat less meat, so as to reduce the metabolic burden of liver and kidney.

for every 100 grams of meat, there are about 20 grams of lean pork, 26 grams of beef, 13 grams of eggs, 16.6 grams of grass carp, 3 grams of milk and 30 grams of soybeans.

compared with vegetable protein, animal protein has higher absorption and utilization rate, so we say that high protein food usually refers to meat, and white meat, and then lean meat.

according to our guidance, the daily energy supply of the human body accounts for 30% of protein, 20% of fat and 50% of sugar.

generally speaking, the daily protein intake of adult men in China should be 65g, while that of women is 55g.

people with poor kidneys can’t do without meat. They are likely to suffer from insufficient protein intake, decreased body repair ability and decreased immunity. If the appeal standard is exceeded too much, it will also increase the metabolic burden of the body.

Why do men who like to drink more easily lead to excessive protein? For example, if they eat a few kebabs or two drumsticks when drinking, they may reach the standard. So shut up and don’t eat more. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!