Kidney disease eventually without uremia, most of them have achieved 2 points, which is worth learning

Hearing of uremia is color change, is the portrayal of many kidney disease patients. Why are you afraid of uremia? One is the damage to the body caused by the symptoms of renal failure, the other is the fear of dialysis and the decline of quality of life. So in order to delay the failure of renal function and prevent the arrival of uremia, many kidney friends seek medical advice and do everything they can.

but in fact, kidney disease is not so easy to get uremia. The compensatory function of kidney function is very strong, which will leave enough time to find an effective plan. Therefore, kidney friends should grasp the early stage of the disease and stabilize the renal function.

the incidence of nephrotic uremia in China is only 1% – 2%, that is to say, there are many people without uremia, only a small number of patients suffer from uremia, and the occurrence of uremia patients are often accompanied by problems such as old age, weak body, common multiple chronic diseases such as hypertension, untimely discovery, and irregular medication.

adhere to two tests: urine test and blood test. Of course, the process of kidney disease treatment is important, and the examination is also an important link to ensure the treatment effect. Delay renal function is a long-term thing to do, treatment is temporary, and to maintain the stability of renal function is a lifelong thing.

no matter during the treatment period or consolidation treatment period, there should be no lack of examination. There are two items that must be checked to reflect renal function: urine examination and blood examination.

the current treatment methods for reducing urinary protein are relatively perfect, including the mature immunotherapy of Western medicine. Most pathological types of proteinuria can be reduced through hormone and immunosuppressant, antihypertensive drugs and a variety of new protein lowering drugs. Traditional Chinese medicine plays an important role in reducing protein. By regulating the blood circulation of the whole body, it can improve the state of renal ischemia, and then protect the glomeruli.

do a good job in long-term management: it is necessary to develop the habit of protecting the kidney. Many patients with kidney disease do not pay attention to the protection of kidney during the onset period. In addition to congenital kidney function defects, kidney damage caused by acquired factors is also one of the main reasons.

first of all, heavy taste diet, such as high protein, high salt and high fat diet, will increase the burden on the kidney. In the long run, chronic diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia will damage kidney function.

secondly, living habits. In addition to diet, there are many kidney injury behaviors, but kidney friends don’t think so. Such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, not exercising, obesity and so on, these habits are a little bit quietly damage your kidney. After getting sick, kidney friends must pay attention to correcting these behavior habits and health care habits. In fact, many patients with kidney disease get worse. It is not only the problems in treatment, but also the neglect of these details. As a result, the disease is out of control, and it is too late to regret.