Kidney disease is not the most dangerous uremia, this complication is terrible!

In the treatment of nephropathy, we should not only pay attention to the stability of renal function, but also pay attention to the prevention of some serious complications. Uremia is one of the common syndromes threatening the development of nephrosis to the middle and late stage, which has attracted much attention. In fact, there are some complications on the kidney damage and uremia, even before renal failure has occurred. Become the biggest “killer” of kidney friend.

many people think that hypertension, diabetes and hyperlipidemia are the high incidence of cardiovascular diseases. How can kidney disease cause cardiovascular damage and affect cardiac function?

on the one hand, kidney disease itself is the local manifestation of systemic inflammatory response, which is the most serious inflammatory attack, causing renal function damage. But other organs will inevitably be implicated. We often say that the heart and kidney are integrated. Renal function damage can cause glomerular damage, capillary fibrosis or even necrosis, resulting in poor blood circulation, arterial hypertension in the kidney, and insufficient blood supply to the heart.

on the other hand, kidney disease can cause a variety of symptoms, such as edema, urinary protein, hypertension, diabetes, anemia, thrombosis, blood potassium, calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders, etc. If these symptoms are not controlled, it will not only accelerate renal failure, but also directly affect the cardiovascular function, resulting in injury. To induce related cardiovascular diseases.

palpitation, shortness of breath, chest tightness, dizziness, tinnitus and other common symptoms. The more serious cardiovascular diseases caused include thrombosis, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart failure and so on.

low immunity is one of the main causes of recurrent nephropathy. Poor resistance is the most common infection, resulting in blood inflammation, so the disease is repeated, accelerate renal failure, blood flow will affect the heart, kidney, liver, lung and other important organs.

kidney friends should pay attention to prevent the occurrence of inflammation and maintain the lasting stability of renal function. In addition to the usual anti-inflammatory drugs such as hormones and immune preparations, the key to anti-inflammatory is to enhance immunity.

to improve immunity, on the one hand, is drug treatment and supplement of immunoglobulin; on the other hand, it is daily cultivation to avoid some behaviors that damage immunity, such as smoking and drinking, staying up late, not paying attention to frequent colds, and long-term anxiety, resulting in endocrine and metabolic disorders.

we should try our best to ensure the blood flow in the kidney. First, we should repair the less damaged renal cells as soon as possible, so as to maintain the continuous function of the kidney. It can combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine mainly plays the role of regulating the kidney, such as moxibustion, foot bath and other therapies.

2. Control blood pressure, prevent and control anemia and hyperkalemia. Lowering blood pressure below 130 / 80 has less effect on renal function and lower risk of cardiovascular disease. It can be controlled by taking antihypertensive drugs in combination. In the prevention and treatment of anemia and hyperkalemia, it is important to check the blood routine index regularly. Once abnormal occurs, timely treatment can reduce the risk to the minimum. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE