Kidney “hidden killer”, usually difficult to find, if you have these three manifestations, need to be vigilant!

Many doctors will regard kidney disease as a “silent killer”, because it is difficult to show kidney problems in time, so that more than 90% of patients in the late stage or near the end of renal disease do not have too much discomfort, or even refuse to accept diagnosis. < / P > < p > this really makes it difficult for many people to understand why it can support the body when it is clear that kidney function is not enough? That is because the kidney itself has a very strong “compensatory function”. The so-called compensation actually means that cells work in turn. In the kidney, not all cells will operate at the same time. Only when some cells are necrotic, will other cells continue to play a role, which also makes the first time renal function will not be abnormal. That’s why many people can live like normal people after kidney transplantation. < / P > < p > many elderly people will have this kind of life experience. If you see that someone often loses hair, it may be due to kidney deficiency. In fact, kidney deficiency is the performance of kidney function decline, if the kidney is healthy enough, the hair should be very dark and thick. But once the kidney has a problem, the body’s overall metabolism will also be abnormal, resulting in hair loss. < / P > < p > if kidney problems occur and the body is unable to excrete urea nitrogen, creatinine and other substances smoothly during metabolism, more urea cream and calcium salts will be accumulated in the skin, and then cause skin itching. Hypertension and nephropathy are two common concomitant diseases. “Nephrotic hypertension” is caused by dysdrainage and hormone activation caused by kidney disease. Long term high blood pressure will cause kidney burden and further lead to kidney disease. Therefore, people with high blood pressure should always be careful whether kidney disease is causing trouble and timely prevention and treatment. < / P > < p > although the symptoms of kidney disease are not clear, it is difficult to find them in time, but as long as you pay more attention to them in life, you can find hidden dangers in time and eliminate “killers”! < p > < p > the traditional Chinese Medicine recommends kidney tonifying diet: prepare ginseng, medlar, raspberry, polygonatum, euryale, Chinese yam, clove, cinnamon, jujube and hawthorn. Take 3-5g of each sample and make them into tea bags. Soak 1-2 bags every day to make the kidney stronger. At least, if you don’t have a good habit of squatting and tonifying the kidney every day, you can do more exercises in your legs, if you don’t, you can do more exercises in your legs. 08/16/2020