Kidney tonifying “shoulder handle” found, not oysters, doctor: drink a daily nourishing kidney anti-aging

Introduction: Although the human body has two kidneys, but some people’s kidneys are better, some people’s kidneys are relatively poor. The kidney’s function is particularly important for men. If the kidney function can’t work normally, the body’s immunity will decline. Mason is a real estate agent. He usually stays up late and works overtime until one or two o’clock in the night to sell another house. In recent days, he feels that his kidney may have a little pain. At first, he thinks he is eating bad food, but later he finds that the pain is more and more obvious. After checking in the hospital, he finds that the renal function is a little declining, doctor He was advised to take good care of his kidneys.

health includes not only physical health, but also mental health. If you put yourself in a stressful environment for a long time, it will easily cause endocrine disorders. Block the metabolism of hormones, so the face may get older and faster.

male friends have to work overtime in order to stay up late. However, staying up late does great damage to the kidney, which may affect metabolic capacity. When kidney function can’t work, there will be more and more toxins in the kidney and liver, which will damage the kidney in a long time.

although it is said that this kind of greasy food is delicious in the mouth, it may accelerate aging if we eat it regularly. For example, we often see braised pork and pork liver, which are also very high in fat. Eating too much will cause a greater burden on the kidney and hinder the ability of metabolism.

many people can’t avoid going out to eat. They will drink when they eat. Alcohol has a great burden on the kidney, which will affect the metabolism of the kidney. If you want to maintain your kidney, you must drink less. In this way, you can resist aging and protect the kidney.

there are many foods in life that can be used for health preservation. For example, black sesame, which is the most common one, is a typical one. There are also special rich nutrients that can nourish yin and Yang, promote the metabolism of kidney function. Eating black sesame is too boring, and you can also eat some sesame balls.

I hope that we should develop the habit of drinking water at ordinary times, because drinking more water can not only smooth the blood circulation, but also excrete the excess toxins in the body. If you put some ingredients into the boiled water, it can also play a role in tonifying the kidney, so that the kidney can return to young vitality. Bian que recorded in it that wolfberry, ginger, malt and other medicinal materials are put together and often soaked in water, which can rejuvenate the kidney and slow down aging. This is also a small recipe often used by old Chinese medicine. The principle of medicine and food homology is as follows:

for today’s young people, if you want to collect all the above three ingredients and make them into tea bags, you may compare them It’s more complicated, mainly because young people don’t have time to do these things now. It is suggested that you choose the finished tea bag, which can take good care of the kidney and is more convenient for these lazy people.

conclusion: the “shoulder handle” of tonifying kidney has been found, not oyster. Doctor: drink it once a day to nourish kidney and resist aging. There are many reasons for aging, these must be corrected in time, if you do not pay attention to the word, the face is not particularly good, damage to the kidney is also very big. In order to have a healthy kidney, I hope you must adhere to the above three things, adhere to a period of time will naturally see results. 08/16/2020