Kitchen commonly used ingredients, women put in the navel before going to bed, can pick up benefits for nothing

The longest thing a woman insists on in her life is to constantly explore the way to become beautiful and thin. In recent years, various kinds of Star online Red airport photos have become popular. A lot of beautiful and unique clothes make people feel bright. Shen Mengchen’s navel nails and Yang Mi’s A4 waist are not only attractive to men, but also envious to women.

in ancient times, it is said that women in the western regions are the most beautiful. In fact, their magic weapon for winning is the navel exposed dress. The sexy and charming waist with the moving dancing posture makes people excited. Now the weather is still very hot, many beautiful female friends after work, still sweat like rain in the gym, in order to reduce the abdominal fat.

a man with a big belly feels like a greasy uncle, while a woman’s fat belly feels like a middle-aged aunt. If you want to be thin and beautiful, you’d better go home and have a look at the secret baby in the kitchen. If you have nothing to do, you can stick your navel and keep healthy for a long time. If you wear a small skirt, your head rate will increase.

women’s constitution tends to be Yin, and the demand for Yang in the body is more than that of men. Sufficient Yang Qi can prevent blood stasis, ruddy complexion, and maintain the stable operation of endocrine system. Every family in every kitchen will certainly have some ginger, whether it is cooking soup will be used. In fact, ginger in addition to eating curative effect, but also external application.

the navel, also known as Shenque point in traditional Chinese medicine, transmits nutrition through the umbilical cord in infancy, but we gradually neglect its role when we grow up. Before going to bed in the evening, go to the kitchen to cut two pieces of ginger, chop into fine powder, smear on the navel with a clean cotton swab, and cover with band aid.

common sense all know that ginger drives away cold and warms the palace. When a woman’s uterus is comfortable, her complexion will be better. During the golden period of night sleep regimen, ginger begins to play a role in Shenque acupoint. The nearby meridians feel warm, stimulate blood circulation, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, and speed up food metabolism. Wake up in the morning, after defecation, you will find that today’s you are more beautiful than yesterday, the body’s toxins are discharged.

in winter, many girls have a problem, that is, their hands and feet are cold. When they get home, they will pour a pot of hot water and put a few pieces of prickly ash to prevent cold. Pepper in addition to bubble feet, might as well try to put on the navel. Zanthoxylum bungeanum has a mild and detoxifying effect on the stomach.

before going to bed, pour a few pieces of prickly ash and put them on your navel. When you uncover the band aid the next day, you will find that your stomach is warm and your sleep quality has been improved. If the frequent period of small stomach pain unbearable friends, you can try to apply a week in advance, then you don’t have to worry about the palace cold, a long time, you will find yourself more and more beautiful.

many girls often add ingredients when drinking water in order to be thin. They think that if they drink the honey, their intestines will be unobstructed, and the swimming circle will disappear. But did not take into account the high sugar content of honey, some people have a bad spleen and stomach, drink not only not thin, but more and more fat.

native honey is indeed a good secret for defecation. If you are afraid that your body will easily absorb sugar, you might as well spoon it on your navel when you go to sleep, that is, it’s a little troublesome to clean up in the morning. Honey has the effect of sleep, long-term application, intestinal digestion and absorption capacity has been improved, the belly is easily thrown away.
don’t put all the ingredients together. It’s just like drinking wine, but don’t be greedy. If you are too anxious to lose weight and lose weight, it’s easy to get the opposite effect when things are extreme. When the three ingredients are mixed together, it is easy to cause skin allergy. Moreover, honey itself is sticky. Once it is not cleaned up, bacteria can breed, and it is easy to cause other diseases.

you’ve been told secretly that you can’t ask for a simple secret recipe. You can apply it before you go to bed. It only costs a few cents a day. The days will get better and better. The body management will be more and more beautiful. The flesh will disappear. The complexion will be good, and everyone will be attracted to you. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here