Kittens look cute? NO! It is a little butcher!

Not only do stray cats kill small animals, but domestic cats’ desire to kill will not fade because of the abundance of human food – they are all cats, and cats are born killers.

cat’s combat effectiveness is quite strong. How fierce is it? I can only say that every time we fight, there is an illusion in the opponent’s mind, “numb, the opponent’s hand is too fast, I didn’t see it clearly”. Yes, the martial arts in the world can only be fast!

cats have strong bone and muscle structures, and they are much more numerous than humans. The cat’s skeleton is made up of more than 240 bones, about 40 more than that of humans. And the number of muscles is huge, up to more than 500 muscles, about twice the human.

the cat’s unique muscle strength enables the cat to run at a maximum speed of 50km / h, 5km / h faster than bolt, the fastest sprinter.

at the same time, the hind legs are longer than the front legs and provide them with strong explosive support, so that the cat can jump up to five times its height without running up.

cats are very sensitive to hearing. Scientific research has shown that human hearing ranges as high as 23000 Hz, while cats can reach 85000 Hz. This frequency is exactly what rats make.

the touch hair of the beard and legs can not only measure the space and objects around you, but also sensitively sense the flow of air and even the slight vibration of the ground surface.

these powerful auxiliary abilities greatly enhance the cat’s reaction ability. The sharp reaction speed combined with the explosive force of muscles is just like an assassin who shoots very fast, which makes the prey lose the ability of counterattack in an instant.

when the claws are relaxed, they are covered by a bony sheath, which is the extension of the last bone in each claw and toe. Small ligaments attached to the toe band hold the claws in place. Through the rapid expansion and contraction of the ligament, it drives the claw to extend and retract freely.

compared with claws, cat’s teeth can not be underestimated. Although we seldom use teeth when attacking human beings, and even if we use them, we can give them a slight flick, but the cat’s teeth are the important means to launch a fatal attack.

a cat’s teeth bite force is about 10kg, which is 3-5 times of its own weight. With its sharp teeth, the cat can easily tear the flesh from its prey. On the canine teeth of a small cat, there is also a standard “blood tank” for large carnivores. When the teeth pierce into the prey, the blood can be discharged better.

and the cat’s molar teeth are also very sharp, slightly staggered up and down, just like a pair of scissors that can cut meat. Cat’s unique tooth structure is to pierce into the skin and tear flesh.