Knee joint perennial onset, pain unbearable! How to relieve it? Try it after watching it

Joint pain is a common disease in our daily life, among which knee joint pain is the most concerned. Both the elderly and young people are troubled by it, and there is a trend of younger age in recent years.

knee joint pain is a very common disease. It occurs all the year round and the pain is unbearable. The treatment cycle of this disease is long, which tests the patience and firmness of patients and their families, so it is not easy to cure.

1. Stay in cold environment for a long time. In daily life, most joint pain is not caused by trauma, but by the environment. The main cause of knee joint pain is continuous cold and huge temperature difference.

when people enter from the hot outdoor to the air-conditioned room, the temperature drops suddenly, and then stay in this cold environment for a long time, which will lead to pain relief;

2. Start to exercise without professional guidance or warm-up. Now many young people like to keep fit, but most of them are not professional. They can only exercise according to their own ideas. In this way, sports without professional guidance will also cause some damage to joints.

Moreover, the entertainment life of the elderly has shifted from fishing to mountain climbing, but they are not ready to do a lot of sports in advance, which may also cause joint pain;

3. Knee osteoarthritis. The disease is caused by overload. The knee joint is swollen and painful. Sometimes there is rubbing sound when moving. When the condition is serious, varus deformity and pain will appear in the knee;

4. Long term non-standard walking habits. Often wear high-heeled shoes or shoes that do not fit the foot, so that the knee joint is in an abnormal stress state for a long time, causing long-term injury to the knee joint, causing knee joint pain;

2. Through traditional Chinese medicine therapy, internal and external merger, oral Chinese Medicine, external acupuncture, hot compress, fumigation, cupping, etc.

3. Pay attention to keep warm in daily life and wear kneepads to protect the knee. Don’t stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, try to reduce the activities of going upstairs and downstairs.

4. Both the elderly and the young should carry out a large amount of exercise under the guidance of professionals. Before sports, they must warm up and move their joints. Do not sit and stand for a long time;

5. The pain is unbearable and can be treated by surgery. At present, joint replacement surgery in China is relatively mature, and it can also control the condition of the patient by rest and rehabilitation.

the knee joint is very important to the human body, and it is one of the important moving joints of the human body. Therefore, the protection of the knee joint is very important, we must pay more attention to it. If the knee joint is not timely, it should be checked in the hospital in time to determine the cause of the disease and actively treat it. For our better life and family happiness, we must pay attention to the body and protect the knee joint.