Known as liver disease “catalyst”, if there are two kinds of food at home, I hope you don’t be greedy

People’s health is closely related to diet. If you don’t pay attention to diet, it will bring some influence to your body. In our daily diet, many foods are the “catalyst” for liver diseases. Friends with liver problems must be careful and never eat them, otherwise they will be more and more serious. < / P > < p > Auricularia auricula is a kind of food that we often eat in our life, and it is indeed nutritious. In general, the most common way of home cooking is to make cold dishes, or to add a few to add flavor. It’s good for people to eat it often, but what we don’t know is that if you don’t eat it right, it will cause liver failure and become a food that makes people’s body worse. < / P > < p > that’s because it takes too long to soak agaric in water. Auricularia auricula is really “lying also heavy gun”, it itself does not let people liver damage toxin. Normal bubble hair is no problem, once the fungus stay in the water for a long time, bubble hair temperature will increase, these are the causes of toxin generation. < / P > < p > then some other friends said, I make the Auricularia auricula mature, and it’s not toxic after high temperature sterilization, right? In fact, the heat resistance of Auricularia auricula is very high, the general high temperature can not help it. When Auricularia auricula is exposed to the air for a long time, it will produce a kind of material called rice yeast, which can not be killed by high temperature. Diarrhea and vomiting will occur after being eaten by human body, which will directly cause liver failure. < / P > < p > the last time to soak Auricularia auricula is also particular. According to the situation, generally 15-20 minutes is OK, and never more than 4 hours. If you find mucus or strange smell in the soaked agaric, it is recommended to throw it away and not eat it again. < / P > < p > for ginger induced liver cancer, there has been this rumor for a long time. As a necessary condiment for every family, it not only has the effect of removing fishiness, but also has the effect of warming menstruation and activating blood circulation. As for the reason that it causes liver cancer, it is because ginger contains two kinds of carcinogens. At the same time, some scientists have proved that adding 0.04% – 1% safrole in the feed of mice can make mice produce liver cancer in 150 days to 2 years. Is it true that everyone will have doubts when they see this? I’ve been eating ginger for such a long time. How can it be ok?

yes, it is mainly contained in some natural aromatic oils, and some of them may also be made into natural flavors. In the international Codex Alimentarius Commission is starting to develop standards, safrole in food and drink maximum limit is 1 mg / kg. In addition, cardamom, laurel and other ingredients also have a small amount of safrole. It’s no problem to put ginger in cooking normally, but moldy ginger must be discarded, because it will greatly increase the content of safrole in it. < / P > < p > through the above article, I believe you have a deep understanding of these two foods. These foods are common types in our family, and once you eat them wrong, you will be at risk of disease. In addition to this, there are many more. Take alcohol as an example, it is also a major culprit in accelerating liver problems. To prevent disease, we must start with change. Focus