Known as the “powerful makeup remover” of these four, has long been out of breath! It’s all “fake net red”

The residual cosmetics and grease dirt on the skin not only block pores, but also cause dull skin color and affect the health of skin. Therefore, it is the best care for the face to do a good job of removing makeup before going to bed at night. Compared with other makeup remover products, make-up remover is more refreshing and has moisturizing effect. However, the make-up remover, which is called “powerful makeup remover”, is not as easy to use as the popular description, and it is already out of date! It’s all the “fake net red” boasted. Today, let’s see if your makeup remover has stepped on thunder.

bedma is a French brand. Many girls know that the main product of bedma’s make-up remover is mild and does not hurt the skin. However, in fact, its mild degree is only limited to normal skin. For example, sensitive muscles and some acne muscles, it still has some irritation.

the cleaning power is not very good. The eye makeup can’t be removed clean. It takes several times to remove the makeup water to make a light make-up. Not to mention heavy makeup, eye shadow and eyelash, let alone, can not be unloaded. If you remove it hard, the skin is easy to be rubbed into sensitive muscles, so I am very disappointed with this makeup remover.

Baneyland make complaints about chicken ribs. Many people also have Tucao Tucao’s blown up makeup remover. This makeup remover is not as refreshing as the legend has it, and it’s as greasy as makeup remover oil. Its texture is that kind of white cream. After being applied to the face, it is not only oily, but also blinding.

because it’s not very refreshing, it’s easy to block pores, stuffy acne, and keep mouth closed. Serious words are also easy to allergy, especially acne muscle girls must avoid this product. If you really want to try, it is recommended to clean up, once there is a little residual will produce closed.

Beyonce makeup remover is a cheap make-up remover. It is an alternative to bedma. Li Jiaqi once recommended it, but it is not so easy to use. First of all, the design of the bottle mouth of this makeup remover is very chicken ribs. It is not easy to press it out. If it is pressed out, it will make a lot of it. The design is unreasonable.

its ingredients are not mild, easy to stimulate the eyes, the eyes are very stingy, and not good for the skin. His ability to remove make-up and clean can only be said to be average, and the base makeup needs to be wet pressed for a while before it can be removed. The dosage is very large. A large bottle is used up in less than two months.

FANCL make-up remover is a brand in Japan, which used to be very popular. It takes too much time to remove makeup with makeup remover oil. If the emulsification is not in place, it is easy to produce acne, and the acne muscle will not be considered. FANCL’s make-up remover oil is also eye paste, and very greasy, the face is not refreshing, the smell is also very bad, easy to stuffy shut up.

this makeup remover is also difficult to emulsify, and its strength is not enough. When cleaning, I always feel that there is residue. After washing, there will be a little slippery on the face. I need to wash it several times with facial cleanser. Still do not recommend oily skin fairies with this makeup remover oil, there is still a stuffy acne phenomenon.

in fact, makeup removal products are the most important. They not only have a good skin feeling, but also have clean strength and no residue. However, if any makeup removal product is left on the face, it will cause great harm to the skin. Stuffy acne is just one of them. Some people may feel that it is easy to use, because the effect of such makeup removal products is different from person to person. The above is for your reference only. However, we must choose the appropriate makeup remover according to your skin type, and do not blindly follow suit. We must not believe those “online red products” casually, which may not be suitable for you. Focus