Known as the world’s “Mr. perfect figure” Lazar, three moves, teach you to practice biceps

If you had a smooth start, even God took care of you, but later you faced some difficulties, what would you do? Is it to push down suffering or to be knocked down by suffering? Most of the time, what is knocked down is not your body, but your heart. No matter how strong your body is, no strong heart is more like an empty shell. Today, I would like to share with you a story from Sofia Lazar of Bulgaria. < / P > < p > Lazar Angelov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on September 22, 1984. He is a fitness coach, male model and bodybuilder. He is 183cm in height and 88kg in weight. He has been competing in different competitions since 2006 and has never failed, at least won a bronze medal. The 36 year old still maintains a strong and healthy figure and divides the figure of his peers. < / P > < p > when we were 12 years old, we were still studying hard at our desks, fighting in the classroom corridor, and talking about the future after school. Apart from studying, Lazar had already started training, and he was rarely like his 12-year-old teenagers. < / P > < p > he wanted to be a handsome man in action movies, so he started the road of sports in school, chose basketball at the beginning, and persisted for a long time. Before he came into contact with bodybuilding, Lazar was a team leader with many years of professional basketball experience. His first contact with bodybuilding was when he joined the army at the age of 18, when he found that there was a novel profession called bodybuilding. His discovery determines his future life. He resolutely chooses bodybuilding, which makes him gradually obsessed with it. Bodybuilding has become a part of his bodybuilding. At the same time, he is determined to help people to maximize their physical potential. < / P > < p > after a year and a half as a soldier, he devoted himself to fitness, and later obtained the Personal Trainer Certificate from the National Institute of physical education. Through continuous exploration and Research on fitness methods, he successfully owned his charming eight pack abdominal muscles, which won awards in various competitions he participated in. He kept his figure until his fourth operation in 2015, which took him a long time to recuperate and his muscles gradually disappeared, but these difficulties did not affect him. < / P > < p > he said that there are many difficult times in my life, but I’ve been through them with my teeth clenched. My life is like a bench press. If I don’t push it up, it will hit me. Whether it’s fitness or life, I’ll try my best! Relying on the determination of life, his body returned to the original healthy appearance. < / P > < p > to make yourself stronger, you should also have a delicate heart. When you make a fitness plan, you should pay attention to detailed fitness methods. Here are some training methods for biceps brachii. < / P > < p > biceps brachii is located in the front of the upper arm, and the whole muscle is fusiform, which makes the hand and arm bend. This muscle is not trained very much, because in the front of the upper arm, the whole muscle is fusiform The strength of the arm is used to a great extent in life. Generally speaking, the biceps of the right hand is more obvious than that of the left hand, because they are used to using the right hand, so we can try to practice the left hand when training the biceps, which can make the muscles on both sides more balanced. < / P > < p > during the first alternate dumbbell curl, the training focuses on the intense squeezing and contraction of muscles at the top, which means that the rotation of the wrist points to the roll in, so as to force the muscle peak of biceps brachii. < / P > < p > in the second curve, the priest’s chair is bent. When doing this action, press your elbow close to the inclined plane, or even force the cushion to sink in, and the elbow will sink into the cushion. You don’t want to let the elbow swing, so other muscles will compensate, so you must press the elbow down. < / P > < p > the third and final exercise is Arnold’s curl. If you want to know how Schwarzenegger works out the muscle peak, do it like this. It’s very important to strongly contract and squeeze the biceps at the peak, then keep stretching to the bottom with all your strength, put your elbow against the knee, and use the knee against the elbow to keep the big arm still. This is a good practice The isolated training action. Finally, the above three movements should be practiced more to make you more masculine. < / P > < p > I have seen such a passage: everyone has inertia and negative emotions. Successful people know how to manage their own emotions and overcome their own inertia, and illuminate and motivate people around them like the sun. The negative emotions in your body are caused by inertia. When you don’t make excuses for inertia, there will be no negative emotions. If you say you’re going, if you say you’re practicing, you won’t find a reason just because you’re lazy. If it rains today, you’ll give up fitness. Today you do what you don’t want to do, so that tomorrow you can have what others can’t have. 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