“Kuira” is here again 818 Disney’s most fashionable female villain’s horse grabbing wardrobe

The news that Emma Stone will appear in “Kuira” has become a major event in the fashion circle recently! In the first trailer recently announced, the black and white hair of Sister Stone made netizens look forward to it. The plot line is the story of Kuila, the villain in “101 Faithful Dogs” when she was young, telling how she embarked on the road of “blackening”.

Emma Stone has always presented to the public a sweet and elegant feeling. The most impressive movie recently is the retro girl in “La La Land”. I don’t know if Stone Sister can hold this famous mad and fashionable female villain in Disney this time.

However, only from the trailer, Sister Stone, wearing Kuila’s iconic black-and-white hairstyle, and wearing a black leather jacket, is a bit like a devil.

Look at this Reuters photo again. The stone sister wearing a fur hat and a leopard print outfit is a young version of Kuila Bunra!