Kunling trains her daughter to sleep alone. Zhou Zhou: my father is not independent either

On November 20, Kunling mentioned some interesting things about Xiao Zhou in an interview recently. She said that because she wanted to train her daughter to sleep in separate rooms, when traveling around the island, there would be two beds in each room. Therefore, Kunling and Jay Chou would let their daughter sleep in one bed, and they would sleep in another bed. Kunling said to her daughter, “you have to learn to be independent, so you have to separate rooms with us, and now you should start from sleeping in separate beds and training slowly.” Xiao Zhou replied, “but my father is not independent, he still sleeps with you.” Kunling can’t help but call her daughter’s children’s words. The children’s language is very cute.

it is reported that Kunling also disclosed in an interview that her daughter is a “master of philosophy” in her family. Even Jay Chou was corrected by her daughter for being too naughty when playing with her son, which caused many netizens to hotly discuss: “Xiao Zhou is too smart!” 08/17/2020