Lack of sleep and excessive sleep, which harm is greater? What is the ideal time?

Sleep is an indispensable physiological phenomenon of human beings. The quality of sleep is very important to human health. After the whole day of running and tired, the night will start to sleep. At this time, the various organs in the body will enter the working state for self-healing and detoxification. When you wake up the next day, you will feel refreshed and your fatigue will disappear. < / P > < p > it’s just that many people have various sleep problems, such as insomnia. Insomnia is very harmful to human body, which seriously affects people’s health. However, there are also people who sleep too much. < / P > < p > when long-term sleep is insufficient, the brain will not get enough rest, which will lead to brain fatigue over time, which will seriously affect the brain’s thinking and reaction ability. As a result, the brain will be slow to respond, hard to focus, memory rapid decline and other brain function decline. < / P > < p > but if the sleep time is too much, the cell activity of the brain will decrease a lot, leading to the rapid decline of brain function, and it is easy to appear the phenomenon of premature aging of the brain. Then, it will lead to mental retardation. If it is the elderly, it is easy to lead to the emergence of Alzheimer’s disease. < / P > < p > when sleep is not enough for a long time, the blood vessel wall of carotid artery will be thickened, which will lead to the risk of coronary heart disease. In addition, when sleep is not enough, blood pressure will be unstable, blood flow to the heart will be abnormal, it is easy to cause heart ischemia and hypoxia phenomenon, which will greatly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. < / P > < p > and if you sleep too much, it will lead to high blood viscosity, which will lead to the problem of high blood fat. In addition, when you sleep too much, the blood and nutrients flowing to the brain will be reduced, which will also cause hypoxia and ischemia of the brain. In the long run, it is easy to cause arteriosclerosis, stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases, and increase the possibility of sudden death. < / P > < p > after deep sleep, the liver will carry out detoxification work, and metabolize the excess toxins and garbage in the body. If you don’t get enough sleep, the liver can’t function properly, causing these toxins to accumulate in the body, leading to skin aging. In addition, lack of sleep, the body’s blood circulation and endocrine will appear abnormal, which will accelerate aging. < / P > < p > and if you sleep too much, it will lead to the disorder of hormone secretion in the body, especially for women, it will also lead to changes in the menstrual cycle. These problems will affect ovarian health over time, lead to abnormal estrogen secretion in the body, and accelerate the aging of the human body. In addition, no matter long-term insufficient or excessive sleep will lead to obesity. Long term lack of sleep will lead to endocrine disorders, and will affect the normal function of the spleen, resulting in excess moisture in the body can not be discharged, causing obesity. If the long-term sleep is too much, the body’s excess fat can not be metabolized out in time, thus causing obesity. < / P > < p > the ideal sleep time for healthy adults is 6-8 hours, while for adolescents in physical development, 10 hours of sleep should be maintained. For people over 65 years old, sleep time will be relatively short, but also to ensure 6 hours of sleep every day. For infants, the younger they are, the longer they sleep. Babies within one month of birth have more than 20 hours of sleep, while for one year old babies, they sleep 14-18 hours a day. < / P > < p > to sum up, long-term lack of sleep and excessive sleep have great harm, which will seriously affect human health, and also affect the normal development of children and adolescents. So, be sure to have a healthy sleep time. If you have sleep problems, you should see a doctor in time, and should create a good sleep environment, to ensure that there is a normal sleep time every night, in order to maintain the health of the body. Focus