Late pregnancy can be through fetal movement to see fetal position, early detection of fetal position is not correct, can also be early to think of a way to correct

Yesterday, a pregnant mother in the group asked a question, saying that she is now in the third trimester of pregnancy. Every time the fetal movement is in the lower abdomen, I heard some experienced friends say that it belongs to the abnormal fetal position and has to have a cesarean section. I don’t know what to do?

However, the correction of fetal position also depends on the specific situation. Some people did not correct it very soon, and some people couldn’t get over it even though they tried hard. So they had to have a caesarean section and let nature take its course.

the gestation period from 28 weeks to 40 weeks belongs to the late stage of pregnancy. At this time, the fetal movement becomes regular. It can be used to infer whether the status of the baby is healthy and whether there is the possibility of abnormal fetal position?

after 28 weeks of gestation, the position of the uterus moves up, and it is in the position of three transverse fingers above the umbilicus. At this stage, most of the fetal activities are in the middle and upper abdomen, but rarely in the lower abdomen.

the reason is that the weight of the baby’s head is much heavier than that of other parts of the body, so it is normally on the head and feet. And fetal movement is generally limbs in motion, in the upper position, so basically in the upper abdomen.

at about 34 weeks of gestation, some fetuses began to enter the pelvis, and their heads were fixed in the pelvis. Their limbs were in the uterus, and they were still very free, but the range of motion was limited. Therefore, the pregnant mother would feel the fetal movement in the lower abdomen.

after 35 weeks of gestation, the position of the uterus gradually moves down, and the growth of the fetus takes up all the space. The pregnant mother feels that the activity force is greater than before, and the whole body may be moving. Therefore, the fetal movement will appear in any position of the abdomen.

women will understand the relevant knowledge of pregnancy after pregnancy, so they should all understand that the fetus is immersed in amniotic fluid in the posture of head, foot and foot in the uterus.

in other words, the normal fetal position should be that the body of the fetus is inverted and basically parallel to the mother’s body. During delivery, the head first falls into the pelvis, and then the foot, which is the most suitable for production.

after 32 weeks, the fetal growth is rapid, amniotic fluid is relatively reduced, and the activity space is becoming smaller and smaller. The posture and position of this stage are relatively fixed, and there is no possibility of any change.

according to the above analysis, it is not accurate to analyze the fetal position according to the position of fetal movement in the third trimester. Fetal movement in the lower abdomen may be the fetal position is not correct, or it may be just that the fetus has entered the basin. It is necessary to combine the examination results with judgment, so don’t worry blindly.

even if the fetal position is not correct, the pregnant mother should not be worried, so long as it is corrected with the guidance of the doctor, it will be very possible to adjust it before 32 weeks of pregnancy.

half an hour of walking time is guaranteed every day, because amniotic fluid will be disturbed due to human body movement, which will stimulate the frequency of fetal activity in the uterus.

this is a simple practice posture. You need to bend your knees and kneel on the yoga mat, with your thighs upright and perpendicular to the ground, your hands flat on the cushion surface, your legs open to the same width as your shoulders, your chest and shoulders gradually close to the cushion surface, and your head inclines to one side.