Late pregnancy fetus always kicks left abdomen? It could be a sign of hypoxia. Don’t take it seriously

After entering the pregnancy period, all kinds of pregnancy reactions will soon follow. Among them, the pregnant mother is most happy, but also the most torturous is the baby’s fetal movement, because this is not only the only way for children and mothers to interact, but also the only way for mothers to feel small life.

fetal movement not only brings surprise, but also signals. Many Baoma mothers report that the baby’s fetal movement is particularly obvious at night, and often feels that the baby is kicking the mother’s left abdomen, and sometimes even needs to sleep on her side to sleep.

Xiao Sun is a pregnant mother. After her pregnancy, all kinds of early pregnancy reactions have declined. She has to endure the late pregnancy and can eat, but she is tortured by fetal movement. Every night, she can feel her child kicking her left abdomen.

at first, xiaosun thought that the child was greeting himself and was very happy. But later, the baby was playing more and more fiercely. He was worried about the child’s discomfort, so he asked his mother-in-law, but the mother-in-law also said, “the child moves violently, which means that he is lively and naughty. What can I worry about?” Xiao Sun had to give up.

in this way, until 89 months, xiaosun felt that the child was getting more and more wrong. Sometimes she couldn’t stop when she moved, as if she was struggling. So she asked her husband to go to the hospital to have an examination. Only when the doctor reminded her that she had been hospitalized quickly, the fetus had been suffering from hypoxia for a long time.

fortunately, the rescue was timely, and the fetus was successfully out of danger, but Xiao Sun was still in a cold sweat. If he could find out earlier, he might not have to suffer from this kind of torture.

when the mother is eating, the baby is eating too. Once the baby is full and drunk, his mental state is better, and he will naturally “stretch his arms and move his legs”.

the baby in the belly can actually hear the sound of the outside world, so you can play some slow and soft music for the baby, and the baby will move around if he likes to listen to it. But do not give the baby to listen to some big decibel, harsh music, the baby does not like, is not conducive to hearing development.

if the baby in the stomach is anoxic, it will become irritable, and the frequency of fetal movement will be very intense. However, with the increase of the degree of hypoxia, the number of movements of the baby will gradually decrease, and the frequency of fetal movement will gradually weaken. If no measures are taken in time, it will even lead to fetal asphyxia.

if the mother suffers a strong impact, the baby will also be stimulated in the stomach and be scared, which will lead to accelerated fetal movement, and even miscarriage and premature delivery.

usually eat less high salt food, less soy sauce and vinegar. If the swelling is severe, you can eat more wax gourd, boil a little mung bean soup, red bean soup, can eliminate edema.

if you often have leg cramps when you sleep, you should consider whether you have calcium deficiency. Some mothers don’t pay attention to calcium supplement during pregnancy, so it’s too late to make up after the baby is born.

if you have difficulty sleeping in the third trimester of pregnancy, you can generally take the left lying position, but don’t hold one position for too long, and change the posture regularly, which can also avoid the baby’s suffocation.

the third trimester of pregnancy is also a critical period for baby development, so we must not ignore the general idea. Now science and technology is more developed, you can buy a fetal heart rate monitor for your baby, once there is abnormal, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.