Legs are not beautiful, only 10 minutes a day, to train a slender long legs

Introduction: since ancient times, female friends have attached great importance to their own body, especially now girls pay more attention to the management of body and appearance. In summer, many people begin to lose weight. To build a perfect body, it is the pursuit of countless girls to have a pair of slim legs. Today, I will take you to discuss the leg training methods and collect the secret of leg beauty. The next leg essence girl is you.

judging the width of the false crotch: before exercising, you should first observe whether there is obvious fat accumulation at the root of your thigh, and if your hip bone protrudes to the side of the thigh, the overall effect of chopsticks leg will be reduced.

judging pelvic position: some female friends have the problem of pelvic forward tilt, so the body will lean forward without being noticed, and the abdomen will also protrude.

2. If you want to have slim, big and long legs, the most important thing is to build small and thin legs first. After all, when the lower leg is thinner, the whole leg will become more slender.

1. Nowadays, the high intensity of social life rhythm leads to the fact that most people are busy working and studying and neglect sports, which makes XO legs more common in some people who don’t often exercise.

2. Some people have incorrect sitting or standing posture in their life, which also makes great changes in leg shape, so leg exercise is needed.

2. First of all, we should go to the whole body to reduce fat, through the combination of diet management and aerobic exercise to reduce part of the fat and eliminate the fat on the legs.

3. Secondly, we should carry out the exercise of slimming legs properly, and then assist with hip lifting training to improve the muscle lines of tight legs and buttocks, so that the appearance of legs is more slender.

1. Leg clamping on the side: lie on the ground with the left hand under the head, the right hand on the ground, the right leg crossing the left leg bending on the ground, and the left leg swinging up and down. This action can be performed about 20 times.

relax and kneel on the ground, with the left arm straight and the right arm bent in the same direction as the left hand.

1. Wide distance squat: the feet are naturally opened with the same width as the shoulder, the hands are straight forward and parallel to the ground, and the squat can be performed for about 20 times.

conclusion: summer has arrived, we must use the right method in the pursuit of weight loss and shape building! With these methods introduced by Xiaobian, we can move together and have the slender legs that everyone envies. With our efforts, we will certainly become the “leg essence” girl.