Leshan, a 29 year old girl, has adopted more than 100 stray cats and dogs in four years, with an annual cost of nearly 200000

Tang Chuanlan, a piano teacher, has adopted more than 100 cats and dogs in his own home and a rented sugar bean courtyard. In order to take care of and treat them, he spends nearly 200000 yuan a year, which makes his life difficult to sustain. Facing the plight of food shortage, he asks the social caring people to adopt them.

Tangtang, 29 years old, is a native of Dazhou. She graduated from Leshan Normal University in 2014. Now she teaches piano at home to maintain her life. Four years ago, by chance, a friend gave her two local dogs to raise, and fell in love with raising small animals. Since then, she saw stray dogs on the road, and they all felt so sorry that they began to take them home and adopt them one after another. In order to take care of them, Tangtang rented two sets of houses in Datian District of Leshan central city, and raised 20 or 30 cats and dogs. With the rapid increase of stray cats and dogs at home, in July 2019, Tangtang rented a house in masang village, Guanying Town, Wutongqiao District, named tangdou courtyard, and spent money to decorate and house these abandoned cats and dogs. At present, there are more than 80 cats and dogs in the courtyard.

early yesterday morning, Tangtang cycled to tangdou courtyard again. As soon as he opened the door, he heard the barking of dogs. When he opened the door, dogs of different sizes ran into the yard. Sugar sugar into the hospital immediately began to clean cat and dog feces, cleaning cages and plates and other appliances.

Tangtang told reporters that the cost of food for cats and dogs is nearly 10000 yuan per month, and medical treatment is uncontrollable. Sometimes it costs tens of thousands of yuan once a sudden illness breaks out, and it is conservatively estimated that it will cost 200000 yuan a year. In order to save money, she works for cats and dogs more than 10 hours a day. She not only spent all the money she could take out on these “hairy children”, but also owed more than 200000 yuan in foreign debt.

“many people do not understand animal rescue, not to mention parents, relatives and friends are also questioning, but many people selfishly abandon them, I just want to give them a chance to survive.” Tangtang said that the people in the hospital are all on her own. Volunteers come to help occasionally. Taking care of so many cats and dogs sometimes makes her feel exhausted. But as long as she can live, she hopes to make these dogs and cats live.

“in addition to teaching piano, I also occasionally go to set up a stall to sell some bittern flavor to increase my income to feed cats and dogs, but I still can’t support it.” Tangtang said that at present, she has set up a caring rescue group. She will donate some money from time to time every month, but it is still not enough. Tangdou’s courtyard is facing food shortage. She hopes to seek help from more social forces and more loving people to adopt or adopt these lovely animals.