Less than a month, the treatment of synovitis, experts said that this century famous prescription, pain and swelling all disappeared

As the saying goes, “people grow old before their legs grow old”. Modern people, due to improper exercise and diet structure, are very likely to cause knee joint pain or inflammation. Moreover, this situation will not only happen to people with osteoporosis, but also more and more young people have knee joint pain. Remember to eat three kinds of vegetables more and do three things less can reduce knee joint pain Inflammation, leg is not old, people are more likely to live longer.

in human body, under normal conditions, acid-base balance and good blood circulation. And some factors, will destroy the balance of the body, disturb the endocrine, make the body environment acidic, so that the knee produces effusion, thus causing synovitis.

when the knee is impacted by external force, it is easy to damage the external skeleton, shock the internal structure, and then damage the synovium, leading to synovitis. Even after the impact, the synovium ruptured, causing permanent damage.

knee wear increased during exercise. And excessive activity, can make wear again aggravate, moreover, knee cannot get sufficient rest. In this way, it is easy to damage the synovium and induce synovitis.

step 3: pad 3-4 layers of towel, hold the bag mouth with your hand, put the salt bag in the joint pain area, and conduct hot moxibustion. When the salt is not hot enough, heat it and continue to apply it. Moxibustion is required for at least one hour, twice a day, and the effect is very good!

hot compress with coarse salt is a popular method, which can activate blood circulation and remove stasis, and relieve tissue adhesion. For knee pain, the effect is very good. Ginger contains volatile curcuminone and gingerol, which has the effects of promoting blood circulation, dispelling cold, removing dampness and sweating. The combination of the two is better.

the effective components of shengyetang black plaster paste have the effects of dredging meridians and activating collaterals, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, eliminating inflammation and relieving pain. It can effectively eliminate inflammation and edema, dredge channels and collaterals, nourish damaged knee joint cartilage, restore its original elasticity and relieve inflammation. External application of traditional Chinese medicine can make the drug through the surface of the skin directly to the lesion, play the therapeutic role of the drug itself, solve the problem from the root of the disease, generally 2-3 cycles can be recovered. According to many patients, shengyetang black paste paste on Taobao. Shengyetang black paste has high activity, fast absorption, long-lasting effect and strong drug strength. After clinical verification, the effect is excellent. 90% of patients with various types of orthopedic diseases have recovered, and solved the problems of neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain for millions of people.

are you still worried that you can’t find a good doctor for your pain? Have you spent a lot of money wrongly, tried all kinds of treatment methods, and still have pain? At present, lumbar spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, arthritis and other orthopedic problems, clinical mainly conservative treatment, 90% of the patients can get rehabilitation!

1, don’t overload: knee joint is a load-bearing joint, when walking, almost all the weight of the whole body is pressed on the knee joint, so we should pay attention not to overload the knee joint In addition, try not to climb buildings and mountains as much as possible, and do exercises that require bending of the knee joint, such as climbing stairs frequently, will increase the probability of synovitis and meniscus wear.

2. Keep warm: it’s autumn and the weather is getting colder day by day. If you want to protect your knee joint, try not to let the joint get cold, and don’t let anyone be in a wet and cold place. You should also pay attention to keeping warm when you dress, so as not to aggravate the symptoms of joint pain and inflammation. It is suggested that you can choose to wear knee pads or try not to wear “hole” jeans.

3. Weight control: eating haisai without scruples and allowing weight gain will lead to increased weight bearing of knee joint and increase friction of articular cartilage, thus stimulating bone hyperplasia and increasing the risk of inducing knee arthritis. Therefore, we should actively exercise, scientific and reasonable diet, control their weight in the normal range, reduce the damage to the knee joint. Focus